Bottega Veneta

Bottega's Unique Weaving and Treatment Processes

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  1. Intreccio Collage - a new treatment for S/S 2013 mostly seen on the Men's line. This is not a woven bag. Each square is laser cut on perforated leather to give off that effect.

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  2. Intreccio Imperatore - imagine 4 of BV's treatments all on one bag. The 4 include the mini ponza, standard intrecciato, standard intrecciato on tubed fettuce and scolpito. (as seen on the weave pic)

    Available on both Men and Women's collections from F/W 2012.

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  3. Thank you TDL, so wonderful of you to build this thread!
  4. TDL, these pics were awesome.. thanks so much for sharing them

    I recently acquired the antique silver basketweave knot & this process
    of the basketweave design in silver is amazing..

    BV they are really works of art, IMO....
  5. thank you for this compilation of different styles, Bottega artist are amassing in what they do :drinkup:
  6. Thanks for the picture updates TDL!
  7. rere- how have you been? missed you-
    would love to hear how your beautiful cabats are "aging".
  8. Hi annie, I'm doing well and still enjoying all my Bottega's, just haven't been purchasing new ones. So its harder to look at all the new ones. Just so tempting.
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    Ricamo Rete a treatment where leather is stretched over a metal mesh framework. I believe this is S/S 2013.

    Also from the look of the clutch, there must be some vacuum treatment, don't you think?.. to get the leather to conform around the metal.

    Shown in the Nero Ricamo Rete Knot ($1,380) and Ricamo Rete Clutch ($1,480) from Barney's, then the Poussin Knot and Krim Clutch from NM:

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  10. Treccia - details already shared in a previous post (#147) but I had more close-up pictures for reference.

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  11. Metal stitching - back in Early fall 2012, BV released a Cabat that had metal mesh yarn inserted in between 2 layers of fettuce accenting the outline of the weave. To my knowledge, this particular treatment was only done on the Cabat and was also only interpreted in one color combination: Gainsboro/Oro.

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  12. What is this weaving/treatment process?

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  13. It's called Nodini (which means knot). It is back for Pre-Fall 2013 but BV actually resurrected it from the early 2000's.
  14. Love you, TDL. Thank you so much. :heart:

  15. TDL is the best!