Blue Roi Cross Perforated City, came today!!!

mayen120 Posted By mayen120 Posted Oct 11, 2010

  1. I pre-saled this bag a while back and kind of forgot about it......

    what a pleasant surprise :nuts:


  2. Wow, love this. The royal blue leather, small gold hardware, and cross perforations all work so well together. Congrats and enjoy!
  3. one more pic

  4. Its beautiful! I had the chance to see one this weekend, it was that dark taupe color and it was so beautiful. I probably wouldn't get it though, since the perforations look... really deep. And somehow, they look fragile to me. So beautiful, can't wait to hear how it wears for you!
  5. So pretty! Mod pictures please! :smile:
  6. thanks!

    the perforations do look fragile, i don't carry a lot of things around, just a wallet, cell phone, hopefully i don't run into anything that snags the bag :wtf:

    i'll take some more pics tomorrow
  7. Absolutely love that rich blue color and matted gold hardware! Congratulation!
  8. mayden, you have a very light load in your bbags, haha. I don't carry too much more than you -- can't wait to hear any updates you might have. The darker "Noix" colored one I saw was seriously beautiful. I wish they made that color for the regular moto line.
  9. That is a seriously gorgeous bag! I am curious to see how it wears, too. Some thought the S/S bags with the smaller perforations would be fragile, too, but mine is wearing like iron. Looking forward to your modelling pics!
  10. :faint:

    One of these days I'll bring myself to spend the money on one of these.
  11. i love the cross perf, thinking to get one.. please let me know how it wears out, is it fragile? big big thanks for sharing :smile:
  12. This bag is stunning!
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. Very pretty, congrats!
  15. I saw this today too at NM! Looks gorgeous IRL! I was thinking of going back tomorrow to buy it!