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Blake Lively Style Thread

milly9 Posted By milly9 Posted Apr 21, 2011

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  9. Im beginning to like Blake Lively more, cos she looks so cheery and effortless in whatever she wears. Furthermore, she's proof that we dont have to be painfully thin to pull it off :p
  10. i am so happy that you started a thread for blake..she is a style icon for me:love:
  11. I have a serious crush on Blake. She's absolutely beautiful and her body is perfection. Her style is always on, and she looks so effortlessly chic in all her outfits.

    Great thread!
  12. She could wear a potato sack and make it look sexy!

  13. with the right calfskin leather belt, she could definitely pull it off.
  14. Funny thing is that that is 100% true.
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