Benefit experts? Benefit fakes :(

  1. Hey guys i'm 99% sure I just got a fake Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic. My main issues being the codes 9X02 on the back, 9W02 for That Gal Primer. Primer has no 'strawberry' scent. Erase paste is in a little plastic container not glass, protective seal in the lid. There is quite a lot of visible card board in the packaging not covered in the purple layer. Now i'm new to this brand but i'm sure for it's price Benefit would do a better job?

    I've contacted my seller who told me she bought it on eBay but it wasn't her thing so sold it on but she now thinks we both got duped too after I explained all this.

    Anyone actually own this set have your product code on the back? Is it different from 9X02 or do fakes generally copy that too?

    I would hope the codes are different that will prove it's authenticity and maybe that can help this girl also claim her money back.

    Lesson learnt, stay the heck away from eBay. So annoyed, I had everyone plus your grandma's birthday and a wedding, money I do not have so thought this was a nice bargain for myself:nogood:
  2. Do you have any pictures?

    It's hard to go by descriptions - Benefit has had some pretty chinsy packaging in the past; if the strawberry scent is missing the kit might be uber-old.
  3. I do have pics :smile:

    Got one of the back of my booklet, seems like there should be a pick square around That Gal too?

    Back of sleeve

    Back of the box

    Inside pans are really really lopsided, one if is about 3,, lower than the other side which sticks above the card cutout

    You can just see where there is exposed card where the brushes should be, there's a lot more like it around the box

    More of the pans the 2 rectandle ones are really uneven

    That Gal primer

    Side, buildings have a gap that shouldn't be there?

    Top of Erase Paste which is plastic

    Side view, pink spots in paste, is that normal? :O

    The 2 videos that helped me are here

    My box is exactly like this girl here, I was hoping she would mention the codes.
  4. I hope not, don't want uber old stuff on my face either but if that makes it safe lol The girl just recently purcashed it before me so I dunno.

    Old codes?
  5. My Erase Paste has the exact same top (even counted the dots for you lol) but no pink spots, and my "That Gal" primer has no separation between the buildings. I didn't buy this particular set (Confessions of a Concealaholic), but mine are from Sephora. Let me know if you want pictures :smile:
  6. Just realized I forgot to check my code, my primer code is 1002. My Erase Paste is also deluxe sample sized and is in a glass jar.
  7. Took a while to get sorted but my gut feeling was definitely right, it was fake and I did get a refund, the seller reported the original seller who sold her the fake. That Gal was definitely what got me thinking the most and I'm glad I didn't start putting it on my face, around my eyes!!!