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Addy Posted By Addy Posted Nov 19, 2012

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous, I think everyone will want tis color now:smile:
    No. Way. I would have said 22 lol. You must have the fountain of youth.
  2. Whoa! Are you kidding me?? I would of never have guessed...that is amazing that you look so young, its gonna do wonders for you when you get older...jealous :smile:
  3. I know he will :p

    How did I miss this pic from DDS? It is adorable.
  4. Militaire or khaki
  5. Yep SQs are great, you look great in yours :smile:
  6. Oh, I am gonna have to get some of this spray! I wore my beige quilted to a gal pal get together last night, but I hardly wear it for fear I will dip my arm in something! :p
  7. So cute with your pop of color scarf!
  8. Wore my beige quilted with a Jimmy Choo cashmere scarf from the Pep collection last night to my gal pal meet up. Wow...I need to polish my dining room table :p

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  9. Love the combo...
  10. the quilteds are taking over! :biggrin:

  11. 36?!?! I don't believe it!!!!
    You look great!!!!

    Love your FAB pics :smile:

    Love that scarf!!!
  12. thanks!

    love the pushed up sleeve look!

    Thanks :smile: Oh, and I love the pairing of that particular scarf with your jacket!
  14. Gorgeous scarf, great with your beige quilted :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.