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sweetsugar Posted By sweetsugar Posted Dec 9, 2007

  1. I agree...:graucho:
  2. Hi can anyone authenticate the eBay link I sent before?
  3. Hi guys, can you please authenticate this Tory Burch bag. My friend purchased it from a seller (JAIMIE'S OBSESSION) in Solenad, Nuvali Bazaar and they claim that the bag was authentic although we are not sure of its authenticity because of some comments we received from friends who owns TB products. Thanks for the help :smile:
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    Hi, can anyone help to Authentic this Tory Burch Robinson Double zip Bag? Its in Blue color.

    This is my first tory burch robinson bag which i purchased from Spree hence i would like to find out is it genuine.

    The goldware doesnt look real to me And i did a close up shot for the Zip part, at the side of it, there is wording "YKK" is it right to have that?

    Also, the smell of the bag not much of leather but alittle rubber smell.

    Hope to hear reply soon :smile: Thank you.






  8. I've asked for more photos but was this tote ever in production by Tory Burch??

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