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Authenticate this MICHAEL KORS

redheadedbeauty Posted By redheadedbeauty Posted Nov 5, 2006

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    Please post all authenticity questions here.

  2. it looks like it's an authentic Michael Michael Kors ..WOW that is gorgeous, I never saw that style before, the color of the leather is TDF...is this a new model?
  3. Thank you, for responding!
    I don't think it's a new style. The style is called Saratoga, you can see it on Michaelkors.com and Nordstrom.com :smile:
  4. oh and welcome to TPF!!
  5. yes, that looks auth - i haven't seen any fakes of the michael by MK line, which this is from. the saratoga (a great choice, btw) retails for around $350, just for reference.

    here's a pic of an auth saratoga for comparison:

    another style i really like is the saratoga east/west, which i've only seen (believe it or not) on QVC.com. it's $259 there, and here's a pic:

  6. I've never bought bags from eBay before, but I want this so bad and the price is soo good, too good may be?
    It looks OK for me, what do you ladies think? Thanks a lot!




  7. Thank you, DC-Cutie! I have been waiting for your reply :smile:
  8. but of course :smile:
  9. I'm sorry I thought someone here may know. :confused1:
  10. Looks real to me. I have two. The small and the large MK Woodside Satchel. I have an orange and a tan one. The inside and outside matched up with the 2 I have at home.
  11. I've already paid for this and my daughter received it a month ago. The seller seemed very legitimate and the item was as described. I checked it out VERY closely against my MK signature bag in another style and everything seemed SO alike, but would love your opinions. I'm only questioning it now because after a couple months' use (my daughter's bag) the piping has split open and reveals a thinner, rubber piping inside (about 1-inch split). This hasn't happened with my MK signature purse, but the piping isn't located near the bottom. Thanks in advance!

  12. Could someone let me know if this is authentic:


    I am having a bad feeling about this. I bought the identical purse at Off 5th today. Then I read about the fake Fendi's Off 5th was selling late last year. So I started looking around to see if I could find any pictures of this Michael Kors Santorini Shopper and, except for this eBay auction, I cannot find anything else. I spoke to a rep at Michael Kors and they said they would only authenticate items from their site and would not even look at a picture of an online item.
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