Authenticate This LONGCHAMP! -- Please refer to 1st post!!

Lilia Posted By Lilia Posted Dec 26, 2007

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  1. I'm sorry but i have to agree that they are both Fake. Leather doesn't look good and the tags have wrong fonts. :sad:
    It may be that the seller him/her-self is not aware the items being sold are fake...
  2. Thank you very much! So happy that i didnt waste my money on fake stuffs!
  3. I'm getting an error 404 with the links. Can you please host them on ex: Photobucket.com or the likes, that way we can authenticate. ;)

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  5. Not sure if I posted properly last time...
    Can someone authenticate this Longchamp Roseau tote?
    It is an older bag with ivory lining with no Longchamp print.

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  6. Hi! Kindly help me authenticate this Patch Poney MLH I recently bought from an online seller. TIA! :smile:

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  7. This is Real! :tup:
  8. Thank you so much!!! :yahoo:
  9. Hi everyone! Could you help me identify if my peacock blue Le Pliage is authentic? It feels pretty similar to my medium short handled one which I bought in Paris, but I just need to be a hundred percent sure. The photo set is here:


    Thanks so much in advance!
  10. Yes it's Real! :tup:
  11. Thank you SO much for taking the time! Yay :smile:
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