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Authenticate This JUICY COUTURE

Swanky Mama Of Three Posted By Swanky Mama Of Three Posted Sep 16, 2007

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  4. Hello everyone! I'm new here. :smile:
    I recently purchased this kinda beat up Juicy leather bowler bag from a thrift store for $16 and am curious as to if it is authentic or not. My first instinct was that it was real for sure as the leather is 100% real and the zipper hardware is high quality (they also read YKK like they're supposed to). But then I noticed the bottom of the bag does not read "Love G&P/P&G" nor does it have the pattern, as well as not having a tag inside (which could have been snipped off, I dunno). Also the J on the mirror and the J on the back don't match up; not sure if this is normal. I'm new to Juicy haha.

    The "Hello?" and "Shop" seem to be embedded in the leather as they should, & the "I am the fairest" is correct (I think? The I is underlined) though it seems to be painted on. Here are some pics. Btw there is some staining around the emblem on the front which makes it look crooked, it isn't.
    Excuse the messy room lol
    Piccie #1

    Piccie #2

    Piccie #3

    Piccie #4

    Piccie #5

    Piccie #6
    Thanks :smile:
  5. It's authentic, style YHRU1032, and original retail was $325. IMO, it's one of the nicest bags Juicy has made and I regret getting rid of mine.
  6. Wow! Thanks for the info! :smile: Can't believe I got it for just $16. Yeah it's excellent quality and really cute, I was like even if it's fake i'm totally still using it haha. I was kinda confused bc I couldn't seem to find it anywhere online. What year was it made?