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Authenticate This! jewelry or Seller!

naughtymanolo Posted By naughtymanolo Posted Jun 20, 2006

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  1. I second my dear friend Lilach about "after market parts." A lot of people do not realize the significance of purchasing a Rolex with these parts (diamonds, bezels) added by the local pawn shop guy. Rolex will not fix a watch with aftermarket parts. :sad: If that is important to you, you should make sure that all parts are factory.

    I personally do not sell Rolexes with aftermarket parts, but I have no problem directing anyone to a good dealer that does.
  2. :roflmfao: @ Franken-watch. You kill me.
  3. Does anyone know if this Juicy Couture bracelet is authentic? It seems ok to me but I'm not sure. The main picture that the seller has used is taken from the saks website so that makes me wonder whether it's genuine or not. I never use eBay but I'm pretty desperate for this bracelet and I can't find it anywhere else. The only online stores that have it don't ship to the UK! (such as Saks) :sad: I've tried everywhere else like Neiman Marcus and shopbop too but they don't have it. JUICY COUTURE GOLD DOUBLE CHAIN LINK BRACELET (item 300045454668 end time 11-Nov-06 04:19:40 GMT)

  4. I checked T & Co.'s UK site and I didn't see any apple earrings designed by Peretti--I'm also concerned that the Auction says "Elsa Peretti inspired" Apple Necklace and Earring set (I didn't see it sold as a set online). That being said, however, the necklace looked like the one in the catalogue. I'd ask for a photo of the clasp with it's engraving clearly visible (it should say Peretti Spain and Tiffany and Company or T & Co. The 925 is the silver content of the necklace and it should be there as well. Hope it works out for you!
  5. Is the site legit? Thanks!
  6. ^^that is authentic lilamyg, I sell the Chanel J12's.
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