Authenticate This Goyard - Read Post 1 FIRST

Swanky Mama Of Three Posted By Swanky Mama Of Three Posted Feb 20, 2009

  1. The bag is authentic!
  2. If you need a bag authenticated, don't take pics that are far away. It's a waste of your time. Details are what's needed. The pouch is indeed ok.

  3. IMO, this item was not hand painted. There are too many similarities in the pattern
    that I just couldn't help but register a username and make my first post!

    Take special attention to the light blue and violet boxes...

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  4. Okay thanks

    I'll try to get morr
  5. Thank you! Any particular pictures I should ask for on the black one?
  6. Full view pictures of front, back, and bottom of the bag. Full view of the pochette, and underneath flap where the Goyard stamp is. Some of the sellers pics are kinda blurry and too small. :p
  7. They do use stencils for the painting now. That's why they look more uniform. But if you look no pattern is exactly the same as if you see a fake that uses stamps. Hope that helps!
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  10. anyone? what can you say about this one?

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  11. You would be correct if they were still hand painting the bags. Stencils are now used.