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Authenticate this Apparel!

Swanky Mama Of Three Posted By Swanky Mama Of Three Posted Oct 8, 2006

  1. Hi, I signed up a few minutes ago because I REALLY WANT THIS DRESS as I'm a sucker for vintage Comme des Garcons, but I'm not sure if I should blow that much money on it if it's fake.

    Can anyone tell me what season it's from or at least from what year? So I can cross-check with some old Japanese fashion magazines here? Thank you so much in advance!
  2. They carry those at HSN stores
  3. Please authenticate this Herve Leger strapless dress

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  4. ^^^^^^I'm sorry, here's another pic to the strapless Herve Leger dress....
  5. Hello!
    Could anyone please help with authentication of this Karen Millen dress?

    Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello,
    This is from a private sale and I would like to know if this can be authenticated?
    It is supposed to be a men's Prada 1/2 zip fleece shirt. I hope the pictures provided is enough.
    if not, let me know what other pics can be added to help. TIA
    The flash was a little too strong on the first pic so the shirt seems lighter than it is. The rest of the pics show a more true color. The zippers read "Prada Milano"

  7. Hi, I bought BN Ralph Lauren boys polo top on eBay , but this tops label it's very Different what I bought from Ralph Lauren website, can I post picture to this Thread for authenticate ?
  8. I am looking to get my first DVF! Would someone please help by authenticating these for me? Thank you!!!

    Item: Diane von Furstenberg NWT'S Vintage Classic Silk Wrap Dress -12- Purple/White
    Number: 280915313166
    Seller: fourneals

    Number: 300739174809
    Seller: sfnative333

    Item: NWT Diane von Furstenberg Shilo Wrap Dress 12 Sailors Floral Navy Silk
    Number: 360398322697
    Seller: lucky-fish-clothing

    Item: Diane von Furstenberg DVF silk wrap dress sz12
    Number: 300721101714
    Seller: rampe2005
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  10. Just want to bump my thread to see if anyone can help. Thanks
  11. I believe you'll need more photos to have this dress authenticated. It would be neccessary to see the tags: HL label and care label. The full length photo of the zipper taken with the dress inside out. These are the types of photos I've been asked for in the past.