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ASOS modelling pics thread

platinum_girly Posted By platinum_girly Posted Sep 9, 2010

  1. I love ASOS things. Everything I have ordered has been great except for one pair of pants which were tight in the thighs and 4 inches too big in the waist! Wierd cut. But their dresses,sweaters and leggings have been an easy fit for "mail order". The shipping usually takes two weeks from England to Florida for me.
  2. Awww Sara, fingers crossed your order arrives quickly and that you LOVE :biggrin:
  3. platinum_girly thanks for starting this thread! I love Asos!
  4. I just received my first package from Asos. I love the clothes, they look exactly like the pictures. Actually, the blazer I bought is even better in person!
  5. Does Asos tend to run small or large? I don't know whether to order 10 or 12 UK sizing.

    I'm usually a size 6/8 US. I wear 29" pants and medium tops.
  6. ^^^the models usually wear a 10, and they are really tiny. Im about a 0-2 and I ordered a 8 and a 10.
  7. Really? I saved everything in an 8 and I don't want to go through the hassle of returning things...hmmm. What did you order in an 8 and another in a 10 (if you don't mind me asking)...

    I wear a 24 or 25 depending on the brand, am 5'5'' and wear a small or xs in tops. Thank youuu :biggrin:
  8. BTW, platinum_girly, I thought your avatar was of Natalie from Girlicious lol! Great photos :smile:
  9. ^^^I ordered both sizes in the same dress that hasnt arrived yet. I am a 34D, 24 waist, and about 34hips. I think (from the sizing threads ive read) that typically a US 0-2 is a uk 8.
  10. Your bf/hubby is a lucky guy :p
  11. YAY so happy about this thread...such a great idea OP.
    regarding sizing....I am an xs and always get a size 6 UK when ordering from ASOS - the 8 is always too big for me.
    i am usually a 24/25 in jeans, wear an xs in tops and i am 5/3" - so you should be fine with size 8 jennyx0.....definitely would not get size 10.

    i love asos....i have been waiting over 2 weeks for my most recent purchase ----getting anxious.
  12. haha, yeah. but im only 5ft he misses out on the long and leggy. :lolots: whaddaya gonna do...cant win em all.
  13. I am a standard UK 10, i am a 4/6 in US sizing...
    I am glad you guys love ASOS too, they have sooo much to offer and i just love the variety...
    BTW jennyxo can't believe you thought my avatar was Nat, i think she is so gorgeous, if ONLY i looked like her, lol!
  14. so my recent order finally arrived :biggrin: -only ordered 3 things....wore them all today - cardigan, ring and belt.
  15. Platinum girly you got some great stuff from ASOS.

    Here is my contribution from 2 years ago, I got a few dresses for less than 30 pounds total (all of them in clearance). Half of them ended up to donations.

    I added links from asos as well to see the modeling pics from the site as well.





    All of them size UK10