Bottega Veneta Shopping

anyone have purchasing experiences at

abcoco Posted By abcoco Posted Aug 18, 2010

  1. are they authentic?
    do we have to pay the VAT when the UPS arrives?
    anyone has experience on this?

    I stumbled on a beautiful BV bag on their website and I am not sure how all the tax thing /delivery fact, I have not even heard of them so just wondering...

  2. I have not, but you may want to do a search in the main shopping forum. someone there has to know.
  3. They are very much authentic. I have no idea about the VAT, I think it depends where you order from. Farfetch is a collective of boutiques all around the globe – all authentic – and each boutique ships from their country, but for the same conditions. You may want to check where the boutique is located, it should say so in the listing.