Another Organization Idea!

whateve Posted By whateve Posted Aug 13, 2012

  1. I am so thrilled with my new items to help organize my collection.

    First I got a few of these 4-sort dividers for my wallets and wristlets.
    Each wallet gets its own section. With the wristlets, I put each in its own dustbag and then put several in each section.

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  3. Both are fantastic! Thanks for sharing :smile:.
  4. Very creative. Thanks for sharing with us:smile:
  5. Cool - thanks for sharing!!
  6. That spinner looks like it was made for fobs. Totally stealing that idea.
  7. Why, you are just too cool for school Whateve!

    Great ideas!
  8. Very cool!
  9. Cool ideas!!!
  10. Very nice!!!
  11. Love that spinner idea!!
  12. Both ideas are great!
  13. love it-
  14. Such great ideas! I really love the fob display!
  15. Great wallet divider and key fob spinner!!!
    So very Creative!!!
    I love your wallets!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: