An unexpected reveal ...

MamZelle Posted By MamZelle Posted Aug 8, 2012

  1. This is a reveal that should not be here. Having been accepted for my 5th and last year of Law (there's a drastic selection, only 20 persons by class) and finding a job (it's part-time at school and part-time at work), I wanted to buy my second pair of Louboutin as recompense.

    I was very disappointed (again). The bench seat was torn, the SA was chewing gum in front of us and her varnish was chipped. Far from the image of luxury brand! No model was available in my size.

    My mother had offered me to go to Christian Dior to show her a pair of flats that I had found on the website, I entered the shop. A charming SA took care of us and knew immediately what I searched. And I am left with a nice pair of shoes ... :heart::heart::heart:

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  2. congrats on everything!! excited to see what you got :smile:
  3. A clue !

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  4. Congrats for bein in the selected few!!! I cant wait to see what you got there! *my first live reveal participation**
  5. waiting waiting....:sunnies
  6. Nice & classy! Top choice! :woohoo:
  7. They're gorgeous - and sooo much more comfortable than a pair of CL's ;)
  8. Thank you Jip9999 & Black_Swarmer ! You're totally right ;)
  9. Elegant and chic and these will serve you very well indeed. Congratulations on both the shoes and for entering into your final year of study! :smile:
  10. Congrats on your final year of law school and the Dior pumps! The color is lovely!!
  11. lovely shoes, very chic and elegant, congrats 8)
  12. congrats!!! very elegant shoes!

    how about getting a lady dior to match the pumps? and for your graduation gift as well!:graucho:
  13. very elegant!
  14. Thank for your lovely comments eminere™, Passau, saladbowllv, kellyng & Lanbanan ! :love:

    Next time, Diorissimo for my birthday or maybe before ... Who knows ?