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Alexander Mcqueen Scarf Thread

kimmy Posted By kimmy Posted Jun 25, 2006

  1. The ivory with red sounds gorgeous. I've not seen that in the UK.
  2. Nice scarves!!
  3. Very elegant
  4. Great colors!!
  5. Gorgeous scarves shopgirl!
  6. Thanks ladies! Now I want these in every color combo and Balenciaga's to match :smile:
  7. Love this scarf!!!! Beauty!

    gratify and satisfy ; repeat
  8. My new pink! Sensational! Love all the scarves!!!

    gratify and satisfy ; repeat

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  9. V eye catching! Gorgeous!
  10. dotcomgirl--where did you find that wonderful pink scarf?! I need it so badly!!!!

    I just got my grey scarf with navy skulls from the Saks F&F sale; I'm wearing it today. I'm obsessed ... all I can think about it how to get another one!
  11. I can't control my excitement, My very first mcqueen scarf was the red lips scarf, And unfortunately I took it to paris and thought it would be safe in my hotel room but it went missing and never got found.

    So I found one on eBay and picked it up for £95, I'm so so so so happy, when it comes I will post a picture of my scarf collection that has significantly grown since my first.

    I just can't contain my happiness