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Alaia or valentino????

ashton Posted By ashton Posted Jul 6, 2012

  1. What do u girls think?

    Alaia lace ups sandals or Valentino studded heels?

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  2. god that is tough they are both different, I sort of like the red ones a bit more since you can wear them with jeans with out covering up the laces
  3. Dilemma two color

    Red leather or pinkish nude patent leather??

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  4. Red it makes them pop more
  5. Thank you fly boy.. I will take the plunge now....
  6. Your welcome, I like them because you can dress them both up and down, the other ones are nice but not as versatile
  7. Valentino definitely
  8. Red leather valentino!
  9. I would say both because I love them but if I could pick just one pair - red leather Valentino!! Tell us which ones you bought if you do get a pair!
  10. You will need both!!! :smile:I love love the Valentino
    And been
    A pair!!! I've had my alaias for more than a year!!! They are still one of my favorite shoes !!! :smile:
  11. That is a dilema, as both are lovely, I think I would sligthly favour the Valentino in the pink, but would easily find myself going what the hell and buying both. In these circumstances I buy both on basis I will make a choice when I've tried them and return one. But in practice I tend to find a logic to say keep both.
  12. I'm so annoyed at far fetch! Horrible site. I ordered and paid for the red Valentino then they said they ran out of my size.
    Fine I switched to pale pink. Then they sent me a pair faulty ones. I asked for exchange immediately, but because they are so slow in action, my size is gone yet again!!!!! I'm so pissed off!!!
  13. omg I DIE for the Valentinos!!!
  14. To keep or not.. Even though it's faulty?

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  15. I like the last Valentinos but the Alaia are bad a**!