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A quick hello and "see you soon" ...and...Sunshine update

twinkle.tink Posted By twinkle.tink Posted Jun 29, 2007

  1. Hello everyone!!!

    I haven't been around much and slow on Sunshine stuff. I am so sorry! I have had so much stuff going on, and I am still behind from when my uncle passed away and then I was on crutches. Slowly catching up, but then taking on more know how that goes...something's got to get ;)

    I am up and around but swamped. Summer and I just took on a major new client (I do consulting). I haven't been doing a lot of work, so I really let my office go, I need to get it back to 'fighting shape'. Thank goodness for Ikea ;). So far I have bought and built (yes, all by myself) a new desk/workstation, huge (73 x 73) bookshelf, and a three drawer filing cabinet. I have two more cabinets to build...and then the real fun begins, I have to put everything I will still be mainly MIA for awhile more, but wanted everyone to know I am well, just busy. I will get Sunshine up and running again when things slow down just a bit.

    Miss you all :smile: I will pop in when I can, and back to 'normal' soon (I hope). Hugs, Mary
  2. Glad things that are going pretty well for you, Mary!

    Ikea is great :biggrin: Love it!
  3. aw tink, I hope things get a little easier for you! We miss you here! Good luck.
  4. we all know you are probably the most organised member of TPF so im sure you will have everything under control soon enough.
    good luck with the furniture and the new client. hope we will see you again soon.
  5. Hello twinkle ! :yahoo:good luck with organizing everything and having more time for us asap! :nuts:we miss u !
  6. We miss you Mary!

    Looking forward to having you back with us soon!
  7. You've been missed around the boards, Mary. I hope all is well. Take care!
  8. Yes, you have been missed!
  9. Oh I'm so sorry you've been having a rough time....I hope things get easier for are so giving and deserve it! I wish you well!
  10. Glad to know you're doing great Mary! Hope you enjoy your summer. :amuse:
  11. If you ever need any help just let us know!! :-]]
  12. Wish we had an Ikea in Hawaii!

    Take it easy & things will rebound your way! We'll take up the sunshine slack somehow!! LOL

  13. I hope you feel better soon!!
  14. looking foward to your return! take care!!
  15. Take care Mary - hope you have a fabulous summer!:smile: