A Pre-loved Reveal!

sambalsotong Posted By sambalsotong Posted Aug 29, 2013

  1. Hello beautiful people, come share my joy! :biggrin:

    I also do need some help to identify the colour and year as the bag came without the year card.
    Thank you in advance! 💙

    Presenting my very first Town in GSH! It is also my very first Bal in a Giant HW. :smile:




  2. Beautiful color! I'm a sucker for blue bags... Love it with the GSH... Congrats!
  3. Very nice, congrats.
  4. That's gorgeous! Congrats.
  5. Lovely bag, congrats!
  6. Lovely - It sort of looks like Nuage from 2011.
    I'm not as familiar with some of the 2012 leathers (when they changed the hardware) so it could be from that year too.
  7. beautiful town! congrats
  8. Gorgeous. And G12 silver hw is my favorite! It goes so well with that pretty blue.
  9. Thanks TaraP! Blue bags are lovely and yes, this one goes really well with the GSH. I'm a happy girl 💙

    Thank you all! 💙💙
  10. Thanks MAGJES! 💙 I got this from a 3rd party reseller and they mentioned that this might be from 2009 although they could not confirm it just yet. I am currently waiting for a call back for the confirmation. :smile:
  11. I have a nuage velo and it looks like nuage to me :smile: congrats!!
  12. Nice!
  13. Nice!!!
  14. Beautiful~ congrats~!!! GSH really compliments the colour. I too think it's a Nauge. I had a 2011 Velo and your leather looks like that. Enjoy it~
  15. Oh, that's pretty! Congrats!