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***A Place for the Fakes***

Posted By Addy Posted Apr 8, 2009

  1. I think i might bought the fake one from eBay...;( Where do i go for authentication?
  2. Please report these two (bad!) fakes, both from high feedback user names. It appears to be the same person/company behind both listings. One has bids already.

    Authentic Balenciaga Town CASSIS
    smay2002 ( Feedback Score Of

    Balenciaga deep plum motorcyle bag excellent condition with strap and mirror
    rosystreasures ( Feedback Score Of

    Killagirl - there's a thread called "authenticate this balenciaga" where folks can help:
  3. I'm new to Balenciaga, but looking closely at the hardware and how the leather is and the stitching, it looks fake. Another thing I noticed that screams SCAM is at the bottom of the page, the buyer indicates that they will be leaving abroad for a year and they leave in two weeks.

    Report if this is fake and/or a scam!!
  4. I just started looking at Bals in eBay and I have no skills... I can't tell a fake for sure... and I own 2 authentic ones (from Barneys and Bal directly). I thought it would be easier to pick out the fakes but now I am totally scared off from buying one online.
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  7. 100% positive feedback and has sold other expensive bags! The listing is over but posting in case it reappears:

    seller: ina_galery
    item number: 180967281626
    Authentic Balenciaga Galet Classic Velo Handbag Tote Purse Bag
  8. I've been reporting like crazy for lv Gucci and Prada! Too many out there