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A MINI Crimson Reveal - Lotsa Pics!!

LindaP Posted By LindaP Posted Dec 30, 2011

  1. I've been crushing on these little mini Dylans so when LP posted 20% off (free shipping) over the holidays I took the plunge, they are too cute! So my Crimson Mini Dylan came yesterday and we immediately bonded! :biggrin:

    I work at the Post Office so the pics are taking hanging out there, and then a few with our new puppy, Lucy.



    Hanging out in the candy dish!




    Lucy is a fashionista!! (held by the hub)



    I want one in every color, two bad there's only two! They need to do this in Tmoro!
  2. Where do I begin? There's just too much cuteness going on here!

    First of all, Lucy is adorable. When did you get her? Was it for a special occasion?

    Next, how delicious is that mini Dylan? You know I'm an UBER fan of the Dylan Medium Totes, so this mini mini dylan is like a dream come true. Will you clip it on one of your LP Dylans? I must find one immediately!

    Congratulations, Linda- great addition(s)!!
  3. Riry, I haven't decided yet, it has both a leash clip and a key ring so it's not only cute but versatile! :smile: Wish they were cheaper though but I couldnt resist getting at least one. :hbeat:

    Lucy was my consolation prize (and our second pug) for not being allowed to have more babies, lol. My daughter went to college this year and our son is 16 and I was starting to have empty nest syndrome. :crybaby: She's a handful and definitely keeps me busy!
  4. OMG that is too cute!
  5. Adorable!
  6. haha PRECIOUS!!
  7. That is so cute! How fun!
  8. The pics with the pug are beyond cute! She looks like a lil diva. This is the first I have heard about the key chain dylan.
  9. Oh-M-Gee Linda!!! these pics are too cute for words!!!:biggrin:
    The mini purse and the puppy both!! You know how I love puppies and yours is adorable. :smile:
  10. Awes thanks and thanks everyone for their comments! :smile:

    I hope LP will do more of these and consider a more reasonable price, I'd be in for more than one. :graucho:
  11. Darling! That is the cutest thing! Aw, they don't have any of those here. Love your adorable pug, too!

    Speaking of crimson, can I hijack your thread to ask if you all think the crimson small chevron xbody is too good to pass up for $102? And crimson Dylan wristlets (large) for $96? The wristlets are blk, timoro and navy one too ! I'm so bad when it comes to sales! I would've loved to get my hands on crimson med Dylan tote but nope...no stock. I am content with tmoro med Dylan tote for $205 though - that was pretty lucky :smile:
  12. Omg!! That is toooo freakin cute!!!