A little bit of new season

sunblock Posted By sunblock Posted Jan 13, 2012

  1. Hehe the trick is before you bid again do it in the last few mins but think i was VERY lucky with this one, i know i have another item coming from .com was meant to come today but its gone awol should be here monday so i will add it to this then :smile:
  2. I might do another family album as it has changed a fair bit since last time what do people think?
  3. Yes please!

  4. I think we definitely need to see the family:biggrin:
  5. Best get snapping them some are at my mums still so will have to take those on sunday when i go up
  6. That Bays was a right steal, well done!
  7. Thanks i know very lucky
  8. just gorgeous! And a bargain well done!
  9. what a stunner! congrats!
  10. Thankyou :smile:
  11. gorgeous color~!! Pink is my fav
  12. Pretty in pink! And a good deal too :dothewave:
  13. :smile: thanks everyone
  14. Woops i might have just bought something else if my order goes through okay
  15. The bright colored Bayswaters are super cute, congratulations! :smile: