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A charm is always charming reveal :)

forespec Posted By forespec Posted Aug 21, 2013

  1. So as I was waiting for my bags to be packed I asked the manager if he will order me the charm/ key rung I so desperately want and he said he did and starter searching all over the store and in the storage to where it was
    I really wanted to give him a Hugh hug when he eventruly found it and without further ado

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  2. Here
  3. Here
  4. :smile:
  5. Oh I love charms!!! Here here!
  6. :reading:
  7. Have to say I really don't like the new iPhone app of tpf
  8. Open open!!!
  9. Hurry hurry ;)
  10. :popcorn:
  11. Gorgeous, love the colour!