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4 dreaded words for every bag lover hates to hear

jealousguy86 Posted By jealousguy86 Posted Jul 22, 2008

  1. How many times has this happened to you? You had your eye on a bag or are purchasing a bag, it's the bag you've wanted for a while; you've saved up your money to be able to have your dream bag. Then one of your friends or family members utters the 4 dreaded words which burns every bag lovers' ears...

  2. Too many....and I ignore it every time.:smile: I figure the person who said it just does not get it.
  3. My dreaded words are... "It looks like a garbage bag." My boyfriend said that when I showed him a photo of a black Balenciaga City! :upsidedown:
  4. I get that with other stuff (not bags... yet) like... "It's just a video game!" and "It's just a camera!"

    Oooh, that camera one BURNS me. It's not just a camera, it's my Canon EOS 20D!

    When anyone pulls the "It's just a ____" line on me, I take their favorite thing and go "Well, that's just a car." Then it's their turn to get mad.
  5. my mom and dad have said this to me about me wanting a louis vuitton. it annoys me because they give me this little speach about how its not worth it, when really they are a really good investment. it is really irritating!
  6. Reply "it's just your opinion" in the same tone. I find that usually shuts people up.
  7. I hate hearing, " don't you have enough purses". A woman can never have to many purses, to much money, or to many men! lol
  8. or: "How much did that cost?!"

    non of your business hunny, go back to sleep... :rolleyes:
  9. It was expecting the words to be "its out of stock!" Now those are some bad words!!!
  10. LOL, agree!

    Or worse, "it's been discontinued"..now that is a real shocker if you've been waiting and saving forever...
  11. Not the dreaded "discontinued" line!! *shudder* That's just a dirty word!
  12. Ha ha....or "THIS CARD IS DECLINED".
  13. I hate hearing.....
    Oh geese another purse!
  14. That's the worst line of all!
  15. "It's no longer available" breaks my heart!