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3.1 Phillip Lim 'Pashli' Bag...Anyone?

scoobiesmomma Posted By scoobiesmomma Posted Nov 23, 2011

  1. Just bought the taupe tonight (merry christmas to me?) at Barneys. It is on the heavy side, but I felt it could handle the roughness of day-to-day use better than the Celine.
    Plus, it fits over my shoulder when necessary!
  2. The taupe is nice!
  3. I looked at it at Barneys too and found it a tad heavy. Definitely durable though.
  4. I love my taupe Pashli that I bought sometime in August 2011. It is definitely a big bag, but that is why I find it so practical, since I carry everything with me, I have two kids and also carry bottles, toys and everything else in this bag. The handles are a bit short to carry it over the shoulder in autumn/winter. It was ok when I didn't need to wear a jacket or coat in warmer days. The leather is very structured and durable. I have really used it extensively nearly daily, but the bag doesn't show any scratches!!! It has broken in a bit, but when carrying it on the arm, it doesn't show.

    Here are a pic of the current condition and a modelling pic for size reference (I am 163cm).

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  5. I like the (crocodile? alligator?) embossed one on Net-a-porter. Really have to control myself not to buy it (if indeed it is still available I haven't looked recently)
  6. Well, I couldn't stop thinking about it, so it is on its way to me...:rolleyes:
  7. I love your taupe Pashli! I debated between this color and the ink, and eventually decided on the latter. Just received the bag a few days ago, actually. I agree with you about the size; very handy when one has children.
  8. good choice! Enjoy it!
  9. Any pictures of it?

    I personally LOVE this bag!! In any colour :heart: but I'm having problems finding it online in the UK. BOO.
  10. I was debating to get this bag for the longest time (I bought a Chanel instead during this time), now that I've decided I should get one, all stores are sold out of the shark-embossed version! :sad:
  11. Do you mean the croc-embossed? Net-a-porter has that one as far as I know, that is where I got mine
  12. Oops, it should be shark-effect not shark embossed. http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/167291
  13. Never mind :p
  14. For those who have this bag, do you have problems with the lock? According to an NM SA, all stock was sent back last week due to faulty locks...hence I wasn't able to track one down for the last week!
  15. hmm, mine is a PITA to close just due to the bag style and floppiness (the croco-embossed), but once closed it stays that way. Did they say exactly why the problem was?