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Post your Van Cleef family portrait!

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Feb 23, 2012, 8:43pm   #31
Suzie's Avatar
Wow, ladies, thank you for all of the droolworthy photos.

Here are my 3 pieces.

They are WG 20 Motif Turquoise Vintage and the matching ring.

Single motif MOP WG.
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Feb 23, 2012, 8:58pm   #32
WOW! WOW! Stunning pieces , Ladies!!I only have one piece sweet RG clover bracelet. I think I m hooked cause I m already planning my next purchase..
Feb 23, 2012, 9:02pm   #33
surfergirljen's Avatar
Ooooh, pretty!
OMG these collections are so beautiful girls!! I love seeing how different people collect different items from one big collection - so interesting! They are all beautiful, both big families and small!!

I think we should start a Cartier and Tiffany's family album too... although there is a Tiffany's thread already I think! I can actually say I have a Cartier family now!

Originally Posted by Bethc
Mine was the WG/MOP bracelet, for about $1,500 and I think I went back a few times until I got up the nerve to buy it Then I got the rest of my MOP set next.
HAHA! I saw the WG/TURQ bracelet on some teenager on the beach outside the Ritz Carlton in Naples and had to look it up (which is how I found THIS site!) to find out who made it... there was a boutique in Naples as it happened and I had TOTAL sticker shock at the $1500 too! I almost laughed it off until I caught the addiction ... my very first piece of fine jewellery I ever bought myself was the YG/MOP bracelet!

Originally Posted by kim_mac
thanks everyone for the sweet comments. i ordered this through pottery barn online a few years ago. it was the medium size. it's faux leather but i really loved the compartments and color and didn't want to spend a fortune on a smythson one.
I have the same one in cream! But am seriously thinking of buying a pink Smythson one just because!! :) Once everything is insured and I feel like I can leave it out a bit more I'd love to have one great jewelry box with all my goodies in it! :)

Originally Posted by kim_mac
here's a pic of my family. i hope to add a few more pieces and then i'm done (famous last words)!
OH MY!!! Okay really trying not to play favourites here but your collection is so GIRLIE AND SPARKLY!!! LOVE LOVE THE DIAMOND NECKLACE!!!!!

Originally Posted by sbelle

Vintage Alhambra




I do have a couple more that I don't have a picture of.....I'll take a pic tomorrow and post then.
WOW Sbelle you are the VCA earring QUEEN! What a collection!!!

Okay here is my little "family"!

Lotus Earrings (my fav family member I think!)

20 motif WG/MOP
5 motif WG/TURQ
5 motif YG/MOP

And my sweets!

I've bought and returned or sold a lot of items along the way!!! LOL... I've had very forgiving Sales Associates, what can I say! Looking back at my pics I can't believe I've exchanged a 10 motif, a 20 motif, a socrates, 2 magic pendants, one vintage pedant and a pair of sweet earrings! Indecisive much? LOL! In the end I think I ended up with the right collection for me, though I still lust after a few pieces for sure!!

Feb 23, 2012, 9:44pm   #34
MustLuvDogs's Avatar
All of you ladies have such beautiful collections. Here's my small but much loved collection: 1 vintage Alhambra 5-motif turquoise bracelet in WG and 1 vintage Alhambra 5-motif rose gold bracelet. Next addition will be something in carnelian.

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Feb 23, 2012, 9:51pm   #35
Wow..what beautiful pieces and what a fun thread!!!
Jen, between you and Kim-Mac, and Sbelle you are killing me with your beautiful pave earrings!!!
I am on a serious ban after the frivole pieces...seeing your gorgeous pieces makes it hard!!!
Feb 23, 2012, 10:11pm   #36
surfergirljen's Avatar
Ooooh, pretty!
OMG texasgirliegirl - from following this thread I think you must have a very "extended family" that we would love to meet all at once! POST girl!! :)
Feb 23, 2012, 10:16pm   #37
Originally Posted by surfergirljen
OMG texasgirliegirl - from following this thread I think you must have a very "extended family" that we would love to meet all at once! POST girl!! :)
Yes, I have around 14 boxes stacked up right now....
Slightly embarrassing.
I really do love the pieces that I have acquired, though!
Will try to take some photos tomorrow....still trying to get little ones to bed and this mommy is tired.
Feb 23, 2012, 11:10pm   #38
neverenoughbags's Avatar
"Hello Lover..."
Wow.... Lovely collections ladies!!! I'm so drooling over the tiger's eye 5 motif bracelet. LOVE!!!
Feb 23, 2012, 11:43pm   #39
G&Smommy's Avatar
Great thread! Everyone has such beautiful collections! I will try to post some pics in the next few days of my small family :)
Feb 24, 2012, 4:31am   #40
This is a very dangerous thread. I'm drooling over all the beautiful pieces here.
Feb 24, 2012, 6:22am   #41
makes you realize why people have been collecting their pieces for years and continut to desire them.........the motifs are iconic. I love everyone's collections!
Feb 24, 2012, 6:56am   #42
chanel*liz's Avatar
Originally Posted by Bethc
Okay I'm game I just got a new iPhone and I want to play with the camera!!

My 10 motif TE and 20 motif turquoise w/their bracelets

Close up of TE with my TE ring

My WG/MOP magic necklace, bracelet and earrings

My YG/Turquoise pendant w/YG bracelet and small frivoli earrings

All of the bracelets together

RG Perlee hoops

And last, but not least... my 2 Butterflies ring...
Extremely beautiful collection!!
Feb 24, 2012, 7:15am   #43
I'll take two's Avatar
Fabulous pictures and collections ladies. Love them all .
Looking forward to seeing a lot more.
Totally agree this could be a very dangerous thread though
Feb 24, 2012, 8:02am   #44
surfergirljen's Avatar
Ooooh, pretty!
Originally Posted by Suzie
Wow, ladies, thank you for all of the droolworthy photos.

Here are my 3 pieces.

They are WG 20 Motif Turquoise Vintage and the matching ring.

Single motif MOP WG.
Suzie you have one of the pieces I covet - that luscious 20 motif turquoise! Sigh!!
Feb 24, 2012, 9:05am   #45
lubird217's Avatar
I am so in love with this thread! I will try to contribute tonight when I get home!
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