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If money was no object, the insane wish list!

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Dec 15, 2013, 8:19am   #46
Lol, such enabling but dreams become plans and then plans become reality, I have noticed that in life you usually get what you want if you really want it and work hard on it, sometimes it takes a long time but eventually, sometimes when you least expect it, it happens. Me, for sure bracelets, Cartier Panthere, I have seen an amazing YG one here in Vienna and I normally do not like YG but the whole piece was just simply perfect and the workmanship was amazing, then more bracelets, another diamond bangle to stack, I have seen one I fell for badly at Wempe and some my existing diamond bangle is Wempe oh I would so love to stack.:))) Problem is that I would never allow myself to pay retail since this is my profession too but I have come across great pieces from customers, that was how I got my Wempe at a great price, so just gotta wait it out.

Then, diamonds, more diamonds for sure, I am a diamond lover. I would love to have a big yellow diamond as I have a soft spot for them, perhaps an antique, I have seen a gorgeous marquise about 5 cts at an auction, something like that. I would also love a pink, even a small one.

Earrings, funny but as much as I love diamonds I love color in my ears, I would love imperial topaz, have seen amazing ones at shows and got a design for that I made that I want to have some day for myself, combined with morganites, fire opal and pink sapphires. I love pink in my ears. Have also seen a gorgeous Chopard with rose quartz, I love rose quartz in earrings. Oh and of course I am thinking of the perfect diamond stud earrings...

Hmm and I would really love the perfect paraiba tourmaline ring, that is one amazing stone and I wear a lot of turquoise color.

Is the list long enough?:))) Ok and I have not even started talking about watches, maybe another Art Deco diamond watch but also I have recently been enabled by this forum to start considering Rolex, now it has to stop! Will search for pix of some of the jewelry I mentioned and then post them.
Dec 15, 2013, 10:42am   #47
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Originally Posted by HowToBeLovely
I'm a simple woman. My list isn't outrageous in general but definitely for me
1) The Victoria necklace and cluster earrings from Tiffany.
2) A really fabulous Asscher cut three stone ring for my right hand
3) The exact same Verragio eternity band that I own in WG but I'd buy it again in platinum so it matched my wedding set.
4) OK, fine, a tiara too. I would wear it in meetings that are broadcast via webcam to the rest of my company.
I am itching for an asscher cut and sapphire RHR. Hysterical about the tiara. My friend wears the tiara from her wedding while cleaning the house.
Dec 15, 2013, 1:35pm   #48
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Rings rings rings! Van Cleef & Arpels Rings....
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