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Originally Posted by CeeJay
I'm a huge collector of Skull jewelry -- have been for years. Here are some other artisans who make "gothic"-style jewelry:
  1. Loree Rodkin ( - unfortunately, her work can be on the expensive side as it's very popular with the Hollywood crowd. I have a number of pieces by Loree, most of which I got many years ago when her work wasn't as expensive (before Aerosmith got on the bandwagon!). Her work used to be shown at Neiman Marcus, but I'm pretty sure that it's not sold at the Boston store. You can get her work at
  2. Tom Binns - haven't you seen all the fab Skull bracelets featured in so many of the major fashion mags (Vogue, Bazaar, etc.) as of late? I've collected his work for many years (I even have his "safety pin" earrings - one gold & one silver). His work is sold at Maxfield's, Aloha Rag, Brown's (London) and Alan Bilzerian (Boston, MA).
  3. Ugo Cacciatore - an Italian jeweler (I found him years ago when traveling in Italy) whose work has been featured recently in the Elle issue that featured a lot of the 'gothic' work (including Thomas Wylde). Sold at Alan Bilzerian's.
  4. Vivienne Westwood - yes, she has some fun sterling silver pieces; a lot cheaper than the above.
  5. Great Art / Hlywd - found at Louis Boston (as well as online -, their work is similar to Chrome Hearts but MUCH cheaper!
  6. Chrome Hearts - while I like their work, I find the prices to be high (especially when I was in Vegas - I would have needed to win a LOT of money to come home with a bauble!).
  7. Crazy Pig - London (UK); LOVE their work -- unfortunately, their website ( doesn't really give you a good idea of the variety, but it is extremely well made and a lot less expensive than Chrome Hearts.
  8. Lucien Pellet-Finet - yes, the cashmere master is now doing a jewelry line. I believe that it's being sold at Aloha Rag.
  9. Bill Wall - you will find his work on eBay; very well made and again, not as expensive as Chrome Hearts. I believe he also has a website, although I'm not sure that you can purchase from it.
  10. King Baby - you will find this work on eBay sometimes, as well as the online shop
  11. Lee Brevard - is now doing this style of work; you can find this work at
  12. Mark Spirito - As someone previously pointed out; you can also get his work at (where I purchased mine - I have the yellow gold, 2 skull heads, one with diamond eyes and the other with ruby eyes).
  13. Sydney Evan - sold at, and, I love this work and own a number of pieces (skull heads, Evil Eye, Hamsa, etc.).
  14. Luis Morais - a new favorite of mine (and he also happens to be gorgeous!), his work is sold at Aloha Rag and Louis Boston. I love the Rock Star piece! It is also sold on eBay, but the seller "MightyKismet", although I have found the prices higher than retail.
Well, I've racked my brain at this point ... if I come across any more (or check my jewelry box), I'll let you know ...
Ceejay, I am desparately seeking a skull pendant (high end) with diamonds in white gold, loved the one that Bon Jovi is sporting, heard it might be Dior. I've followed most of the leads you've provided and have an email out to Dior. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. I'm looking for something bold enough for a man to wear.
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PS Here is hubby's skull ring from King Baby!
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May 20, 2008, 7:29pm   #63
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Originally Posted by cvillian
I LOVE this Skull Necklace as seen on Lindsay Lohan--does anyone know who the designer is??
This skull necklace is just what I'm looking for...anyone know whose it is?
May 21, 2008, 3:36am   #64
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thanks for bumping this thread... I loved the dior skull ring... anyone got any idea where you can still find one?
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