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Jun 13, 2012, 12:28pm   #16
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Originally Posted by papertiger
Before buying:

1. Never buy shoes in the sales that you wouldn't consider normally. They are not a bargain sitting in your wardrobe.

2. Make sure they fit. Never buy shoes that are even half a size too big or small (or narrow) no matter how much you love them. Your feet won't shrink or (since you are not a child) grow.

3. Don't buy boots or shoes you can't put on or pull off by yourself or take longer than 5 mins. There is a reason why button-up boots went out of fashion when lady's-maids did.

4. Don't make do with a colour that you only quite like, brown isn't black no matter how dim the light.

5. Don't keep choosing styles that don't suit you. Doesn't matter how good your best friend or fave celeb looks in them

6. Fashion is flippant, if what suits you is 'in' buy, if nothing is out there that makes your heart beat faster or you can walk in don't buy until the fashion changes again.

7. Don't buy the cheapest designer option just because it's the only pair you can afford from that brand. Don't buy the 'inspired' or diffusion copies either. Wait for the sale, stalk *bay or save up for the pair you really want.

8. Know your heel limits, even if it breaks your heart it's better than breaking your ankle.

9. Don't buy shoes you can't wear in the rain, sun, snow, on carpet and on pavements, shoes that precious should beni a museum not in a normal women's closet.

10. Know your feet, know your next pair of shoes. Write down all the things you need in a shoe and the occasion you need it for - then go shopping.

Editing your existing shoe wardrobe:

Observe the 'rules' 1-10 above and go 'shopping' in your own wardrobe, just change the word 'buy' to 'keep'.

Don't worry so much about having lots of similar styles or colours, what will suit you will suit you. Plus, keeping a couple pairs of fantasy shoes just for 'looking at' is OK
This is the most perfect list of tips ever. I need to print a copy and stick it in my wallet me t to my credit card!!!!
Jun 13, 2012, 3:02pm   #17
Originally Posted by papertiger
Quite right, thank you for pointing this out MrsB, although none of us can buy shoes for the size we might be someday. You have also stumbled on yet another reason to wear shoes and not just leave them in a cupboard, the occasion that one saves a special pair for, may never come until it's too late
Yes, tell me about that I have several pairs in boxes that were kept for a special occasion that never came.
BTW, sometimes it is not such a bad thing to get a half size up. I do this intentionally and add gel insoles especially for shoes that are meant to be worn all day long. No matter the brand or make, most pumps have little to none cushioning at the ball of the foot.
Jun 13, 2012, 6:35pm   #18
^ great tip...
Jun 13, 2012, 9:33pm   #19
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Great advice! I don't have anything to add - I am terrible at editing. I just know that if a shoe doesn't make my heart go pitter-patter, it is out so that I can make room for something that does.
Jun 14, 2012, 1:19pm   #20
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Style is Eternal
I used to have TONS of cheap shoes with a few better ones in the mix.. The trendier, the better. Didn't matter if they hurt my feet... didn't care.. they looked cute and that was enough

Editing was pretty simple for me... I got to the age where my older feet just can't do cheap shoes and man made materials..I donated a LOT of them... so by default I have to replace and have to get leather.. and since it is more expensive, I have to be choosy about what I buy.

I am satisfied with what I have at this point. The basics with a couple of fun ones in the mix.. but not the hundreds of $20 shoes I used to have
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