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Originally Posted by Brigitte031
Sigh. A few years back I fell in love with make-up, skincare, hair care, and all that jazz. I accumulated a lot of make-up very quickly. So much that I don't think I will ever hit pan on ANYTHING. It's very frustrating. I know most people would consider it a really lucky thing to have so much make-up to play with. But my love for make-up has definitely died down a bit after acquiring so much stuff. It's more overwhelming than anything.

So anyway this happened while I was in college. I got a part-time job at Sephora while in college and if anyone is familiar with how it works there, there's a lot of gratis and I mean a lot. I would come home with a whole bag stuffed full of products fairly often and most of the time I just dispersed it among friends and family, sometimes kept a few things.

Nowadays I don't wear too much makeup since I don't work in the beauty world right now and focus more on skincare and haircare. Recently I got into the whole all-natural/organic/herbal yadda yadda. So I went ahead and purchased some natural hair care from shampoo, cond., detangler, and hair styling creme - all of which I am currently loving!

But the problem is I have accumulated so much stuff not only from gratis, buying, beauty boxes (I have canceled them all now except Sample Society), and freebie websites. I get free stuff in the mail all the time - once even a $500 gift card and if I recall correctly I even got a free Clarisonic while working at Sephora or maybe I won it on Twitter - I can't even remember!

I have so many duplicates of products I just don't know what to do anymore. Just this evening I already gave my mom three small hair oils as I don't put oils in my hair and she does. But that doesn't even begin to make a dent in all the *crap* I have.

To be honest I'm actually fairly low maintenance when it comes to my hair styling. Just detangler and styling creme. That's it! I never remember to do hair masks, I don't hairspray my hair because I don't really have any frizz, etc.

What do I do with all this stuff?!

On the one hand some of it is still sealed, untouched, never been used - so I could give it away except most of the people I know are low maintenance also. When I graduated college I left a friend like 4 different hair mousses because I don't use mousse in my hair anymore but she never even used them either. Hardly anyone I know goes all out.

On the other hand, what if one of these products is a miracle-worker and I just don't even know because I haven't even opened it!?

It's hard to feel bad giving a lot of it away since most of it was free. I won't even bother showing my makeup collection - it's so overwhelming. But here's an example of JUST HAIRCARE and some skincare that I have no idea what to do with! HELPPPPP!!

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Another vote for a woman's shelter. I've got a stockpile of stuff from the various boxes I subscribe to that I'm going to donate.
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Thank you, thank you!! Yes, I'm going to send a box of a TON of stuff to the 2nd women's shelter I called. If I haven't used any of these things yet or used them so rarely, there's no reason for me to miss them. I won't even remember they're gone. :)

I gotta stop hoarding duplicates because they stress me out. ONE hairstyling cream, ONE hairspray, etc.
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