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Hair Experts, help! Extensions too wavy/curly!

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Aug 3, 2012, 4:28pm   #1
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Hoping someone can give me some advice on what to do about my new extensions. I have been getting lock-in extensions for several years, and getting new ones every 12-18 months. I always get naturally wavy ones, as my hair has natural wave and it has been flawless every time- EXCEPT this time. When the hair comes, it's always styled in a very loose "S" wave and you can never really tell what the hair is going to look like until it's washed/dried/styled. This particular hair is a LOT wavier than my natural hair and it has more frizz to it and I'm not sure what to do to correct this. I've loved having hair that I can just wash, dry on low and go with no blowing out or curling or flat ironing. I don't want to have to use rollers or flat irons. I just want the hair I was used to having- with a loose natural wave that I could leave or blow out with ease, when I wanted to do that. Is there a treatment that I could get (keratin, relaxer) that would leave me with a loose wave and not damage my hair? My hair is dark (though the extension are darker than my natural hair) and not color treated. I do not want straight hair. I like lots of volume, especially in my top/crown. The whole reason I got extensions was for added volume. My own hair, though wavy, is very fine and flat.

Suggestions are appreciated!
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