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Help me choose a wallet from the sale

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Jun 30, 2011, 11:30am   #1
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No new bag for mama
Are you going to order anything from the sale?


I'm looking at their wallets, but I'm wondering if they're the best prices and which one would fit me better. These are some things I'm looking for:

1. at least 6-10 cc slots for cards, membership and rewards cards
2. a big enough coin slot where I can stick my big fingers in to get coins
3. a good slot for bills and receipts (i like to put them together because i wanna get out of the checkout line fast)
4. wristlet strap is an added plus
5. ID slot easy to show or get to
6. I really like the blue colors
Jun 30, 2011, 1:40pm   #2
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Ok...here is my take on the 2 Tano wallets I have owned...

The Chicklit...is BIG...not just big...HUGE. But many love it...it has a magnetic closure which would allow for a quick IS slot to show people! It has tons of room, lots of credit card slots and pockets...check out the reference thread as I am sure there are pictures of all the handy features of this wallet.

I also had the Fashion Bailout. I adored this wallet...it again closed with a magnetic closure...did have an ID pocket, but you would have to completely unfold it to get to it...tons of cards slots, lots of pockets, and the big zipper compartment on the outside!

Of the 2 I had...I would get a Fashion Bailout again...

The other wallets I have not had...but I know some others have some of them...so hopefully others chime in!

Let is know what you decide!
Jun 30, 2011, 3:05pm   #3
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No new bag for mama
is the fashion bailout smaller than the chicklit?
Jul 3, 2011, 12:52pm   #4
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Yes, it is smaller.
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