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Don't forget grieving mothers on mothers' day!

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May 10, 2009, 3:41am   #16
Account Deactivated
I have a highschool friend who lost her baby, Ella, to SIDS. Ella would have turned one in April. I cry when I think about the pain she must be feeling. I really couldn't imagine.

I will be sure to send her a happy mother's day wish. Thank you for the reminder!
May 10, 2009, 9:29am   #17
krisluvspurses's Avatar
I can't even begin to imagine the pain of losing a child.
A good friend of mine lost her baby at birth. She is now halfway through her next pregnancy. And I know it must be so bittersweet for her. She always in my thoughts and we are hoping for a smooth delivery.
Also, my big brother was a twin. Both babies were born with some health problems and one only survived a couple of days. I wasn't even born yet, but I get so sad when I think about my mother having to go through such pain.

So here's to Gracie & Christopher
May 10, 2009, 3:42pm   #18
gglvs2shop's Avatar
my precious baby
It's such a great idea to acknowledge those mothers who have lost their children, too.
Thanks for a nice reminder!
May 10, 2009, 6:19pm   #19
AuthenticLux's Avatar
B is for Barenia
Beautiful post. Thank you.
May 10, 2009, 6:23pm   #20
No Cute's Avatar
No Cute
cupcake butt
Thank you.

It will be five years on Tuesday since I found out dd died. My living children keep me going. My heart especially goes out to those who have buried their only children.
May 11, 2009, 7:15am   #21
Dawn's Avatar
Thread Starter
Originally Posted by No Cute
Thank you.

It will be five years on Tuesday since I found out dd died. My living children keep me going. My heart especially goes out to those who have buried their only children.
i didn't have much access to internet over the weekend but to all of you who have lost children - whether it was during pregnancy or after - my heart and prayers were with you yesterday.

no cute, i am so so so so sorry for your loss. what is your daughter's name?
May 11, 2009, 10:34am   #22
Veelyn's Avatar
Originally Posted by Samia
Thanks Dawn, for putting this thread up. I have miscarried twice, 19 Sep in 2004 and 2005 (both exact same date), and now I have also lost my SO too.
Mother's day makes me sad, maybe I will never be a mother as in bringing up kids but I still like to think I was a mother and will be to the two angels I lost.
May 12, 2009, 9:38pm   #23
HermesNewbie's Avatar
Shopping Enthusiast
That is so sad -- my heart goes out to her. How wonderful, though, that something good came out of a tragic situation. Your friend sounds like an amazing person.

Originally Posted by Jerzygirl
Thank you for the reminder. Actually one of my childhood girlfriends lost her 14 year old daughter suddenly and unexpectedly from a brain disorder that nobody even knew she had. No symptoms or signs. She was talking to her one minute and the next she was gone. It has always been her and her daughter (father was never around and no other children) so this strikes very, very deep for her.

My girlfriend donated her daughter's organs so she was able to save 6 lives which is helping her cope a little better through this terrible time knowing she was able to help 6 people continue live.
May 4, 2011, 8:31pm   #24
Dawn's Avatar
Thread Starter
bump for this year
May 4, 2011, 9:07pm   #25
No Cute's Avatar
No Cute
cupcake butt
Thanks, Dawn, for the bump. I never saw your question in 09. Hope. I seldom get to say her name.

Hugs to all missing children.
May 5, 2011, 1:46pm   #26
AnimalCrackers's Avatar
Fresh ta Def
Thank you for this thread, Dawn. My heart goes out to all of the ladies (and their SO's) who have experienced a loss.

My mother and husband surprised me with a remembrance charm as a Mother's Day gift this year. It isn't here yet, but I will be glad to post a pic when it is. It will be engraved with each of my babies' names and have a birthstone for each.

I'm going to make up a care package for my cousin's wife, who just lost her first baby this week.

Would you happen to have any contact info for the woman you mentioned in your OP? I have a feeling my school would love to have her speak. We will be studying psychology and the complex family next semester, so it would be very appropriate.
May 5, 2011, 5:22pm   #27
Dawn's Avatar
Thread Starter
AC, a remembrance charm is such a great idea so sweet of you to send something to your cousin's wife!

i'll PM you with tammy's info
May 6, 2011, 2:49pm   #28
No Cute's Avatar
No Cute
cupcake butt
Originally Posted by Dawn
AC, a remembrance charm is such a great idea so sweet of you to send something to your cousin's wife!

i'll PM you with tammy's info
She'll love this. I spent years beading name bracelets for grieving mommies; it was somehow healing/calming to do this. Hugs.
May 6, 2011, 2:59pm   #29
Sternchen's Avatar
Thank you Dawn. I will remember to wish my cousin a Happy Mothers Day on Sunday. She lost her baby at the end of her pregnancy. Just because she does not have a living baby does not mean that she's not a mother

Happy Mommies day to all of you!
May 7, 2011, 8:12pm   #30
Bags4Bubbles's Avatar
Bubbles luvs Bbags
I always feel so awkward talking to my childhood friend (we've kept in touch, but don't live close) that miscarried and her baby would have been about the same age as my daughter. I never know what the right thing to say is... When I went over to visit her one time when I was still pregnant, I kept trying to hide my belly behind a scarf and we never brought up the subject of babies. (Which is obviously quite a feat when you're 22 weeks pregnant.) Since I had DD, I haven't been back home much - and I felt bad the one time I was back home that I didn't have the nerve to try to arrange plans with her... because I thought it would be upsetting for her to be around DD. I'm going to try to stop avoiding the subject though, I know it probably just makes it worse. I finally worked up the courage to send her a thinking of you on Mother's Day message (because I do think of her a lot), thanks to this thread.

I hope that it is received okay and that she knows I'm sincerely thinking of her & rooting for her as well... Thank you for the reminder!
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