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Jun 30, 2007, 12:11am   #31
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I'm loving everyone's responses!! Keep 'em comin!

I'm especially getting a kick out of everyone's "odd" thing. Hillarious stuff!!
Jun 30, 2007, 7:42pm   #32
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LOVE this thread!

name:Jessica Lynne (my parents picked the same name as the author of the post but added a silent 'e')
gender: female
resides: Pittsburgh, PA
occupation: Phd Student in Communication (Media/Cultural Studies) and Instructor... aiming to finish my phd in a little over a year. Currently, I have to pass exams prior to writing the dissertation which will be a historical project on post-conscription military recruitment and advertising
favorite designer/brand: Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Balenciaga
hobbies: going to (punk and indie rock) shows, playing trivia (pubquiz), karaoke, going to the dogpark, reading, writing
favorite drink: Currently: this lemonade vodka cocktail that my s.o. and I came up with (it has some lime, strawberries, and a salted rim.. it's delicious!)... I'm also sort of a beer nerd/snob
favorite food: mexican, indian, thai
favorite tv show: Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, Sopranos (shows that no longer exist)
odd things about me: I'm a south paw but I do most non-writing things with my right hand because I was taught to (throw, cut scissors, bowl, etc.)
things that scares me:traffic, debt, not being adult enough for my age
current obsessions:acquiring the perfect summer dress collection while cultivating the perfect fall wardrobe
Jul 1, 2007, 7:13pm   #33
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Thread Starter
wow- it's really nice to met eveyone!!!
Jul 1, 2007, 8:17pm   #34
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Originally Posted by yes.please
wow- it's really nice to met eveyone!!!
I agree! Maybe, one day, tPF will have a retreat at some big retail metropolous
Jul 1, 2007, 8:43pm   #35
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^^I would LOVE that!!
Jul 2, 2007, 2:10am   #36
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xlx vuitton xlx
name: Robert
age: 21
gender: Male
resides: San Francisco
occupation: Fashion Marketing Student/ Marc Jacobs Specialist
favorite designer/brand: Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Dsquared
hobbies: Shopping, movies, working out, going to the beach
favorite drink: Diet Coke
favorite food: Mexican and Italian
favorite tv show: Simpsons and Will & Grace
odd things about me: i dunno....
things that scares me: snakes!
current obsessions: TPF, Caramel machiatos, clear static, wheatgrass, and Hermes scarves
Jul 2, 2007, 2:33am   #37
slickskin's Avatar

name: A.
age: 29
gender: female
resides: San Diego, CA
occupation: Healthcare provider
favorite brand: MJ, Miu Miu, Chloe
hobbies: Design; UCLA athletics; Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers; Fashion; Politics; Broadway shows; Shopping for the best deals; Linguistics ; Art; DIY projects; social justice; Martha Stewart Projects
favorite drink: Iced tea
favorite food: Love them all, but I can eat Chinese food everyday
favorite tv show: CSI, Law & Order, Ugly Betty,
odd things about me: I'm a girly tomboy; ha ha! I will stay up late just so I can finish redecorating my place.
things that scares me: Chiggers
current obsessions: handbags; making a list for fall 2007 shopping; decorating my apt.
Last edited Jul 2, 2007 at 2:41am.
Jul 2, 2007, 3:08am   #38
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This is a cute thread!

name: Megan
age: 22
gender: female
resides: SF Bay Area/Los Angeles (Westwood)
occupation: full time student (med school)
favorite brand: MJ for bags, Theory for clothes... unrealistic favorite brand is probably Chanel.
hobbies: napping, hiking, reading novels, shopping (anywhere! boutiques, mall, thrift stores, discount places), eating
favorite drink: vitamin water
favorite food: bagels & lox
favorite tv show: Family Guy, Seinfeld... don't have much time for TV but I like to watch them on dvd.
odd things about me: I stay up ridiculously late. I've never been stung by a bee & until this Saturday I had never had a sunburn.
things that scare me: spiders and heights
current obsessions: Splurging on designer jersey knits
Jul 2, 2007, 9:30am   #39
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is on a bag hiatus
age: 27
gender: female
resides: USA, Southeast
occupation: Billing Assistant, wannabe writer

favorite brand: MJ, Marni
hobbies: reading, writing, shopping, bag collecting
favorite drink: Vanilla Coke, D'OH!
favorite food: Japanese, Italian
favorite tv show: Dateline
things that scare me: "herd behavior"

current obsessions: finishing a book I've been working on for four years
Jul 2, 2007, 1:03pm   #40
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name: Veronica
age: 25
gender: female
resides: San Francisco
occupation: Medical office manager, piano teacher, linguistics student
favorite brand: bags - MJ, Balenciaga, LV; clothing - BCBG, DVF, H&M
hobbies: shopping, reading, current/cultural events, playing piano, singing
favorite drink: chilled Grey Goose, lemon iced tea
favorite food: Chinese, Japanese, French
favorite tv show: Desperate Housewives, Family Guy, Hong Kong dramas
odd things about me: I give myself a french mani every other day and it only takes me 7 minutes start to finish. I do it because I hate having icky nails that my students may have to stare at, lol!
things that scare me: germs, drug dependency
current obsessions: practicing Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.2 In C Minor, Op.18. And it's killing me, but I love it!
Jul 3, 2007, 4:51pm   #41
One of Each
age:35........arghh why can't I be 25?

gender: female
resides: Studio City, CA
favorite brand:Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton & Chloe
hobbies: Shopping & Roadtrips
favorite drink: Diet Coke
favorite food: Mexican
favorite tv show: Will and Grace (reruns)
odd things about me: I could have Pinkberry for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
things that scares me:Uncertainty
current obsessions: Remodeling my house!
Jul 3, 2007, 6:11pm   #42
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Pug Luv
name: Priya
gender: female
resides: Oakland, CA
occupation:civil/environmental engineer
favorite brand: I try not to be biased...currently MJ, Chloe, and YSL
hobbies: playing Civ IV on my Mac, writing, reading, eating good food, playing dress up and goning out to dinner with the hubbie
favorite drink: good chai, water, smoothies
favorite food: pasta, pizza, thai, cheese!
favorite tv show: TV, except for Sandra Lee because she bugs the crap out of me
odd things about me: I talk to my dogs in full, complete sentences (as if they will understand me), I make up rhyming songs for dogs + hubbie, I push for budgets and then I blow them with purse purchases!
things that scares me: being an engineer for the rest of my life, not finishing my book,
current obsessions: work life balance, finishing my book!
Jul 3, 2007, 8:30pm   #43
Glad to know I am not the only one that sings....and talks to the dog. Your pug is adorable by the way!
Jul 3, 2007, 11:46pm   #44
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Halt and Salute
^^^LOL! I talk to my dog too, I should have included her as one of my obsessions. And I agree that pug is a cutie!!!
Jul 4, 2007, 12:13am   #45
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I totally talk to my dog too. I guess it's so commonplace for me that I don't even think it's "odd" anymore! LOL!
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