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Jul 25, 2012, 5:33am   #121
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Originally Posted by lshcat

Agreed! The OP said he will "slowly" add pics later. Sheesh, all the haters?

Well considering the doubt, rudeness and skepticism the OP was met with here, just for posting his family's collection list, he definitely has no reason to think anyone here is "friendly" and most certainly not a friend. What a shame. He just joined TPF this month! I wouldn't blame him one bit for never returning.

Just say congrats, or ask for a pic of something specific that intrigues you, etc... or simply check back later since he said he'd slowly add pics, and move on. (I really don't care to 'out' anyone else on TPF if they are lying about all the items that they own or who they are, lol. That would be their mental illness, not mine to waste time on.)

Wow! I can't believe this.. Very interesting.. But similar to what the Admin said, if you don't believe, just move on and stop opening this thread..:)
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Jul 25, 2012, 5:44am   #122
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Yogi Mama

If this is true, we are pushing OP away by all this disbelieving talk. And we have pushed many super duper luxurious folks away from tpf and that's very sad.

If this were untrue, then we'll just feel slightly idiotic for being impressed, in awe, admiring and envying, and finding out we were lied to, taken for a ride.

Either way, it's interesting to see how this thread develops.
Jul 25, 2012, 6:31am   #123
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Congrats and welcome

Would love to see pic's :-)
Jul 25, 2012, 8:12am   #124
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Jason W
Originally Posted by NTFbaseball91
I tried to list this in the signature, but it was well over 1000 characters, so I'm going to have them listed here, and then slowly add pictures of everything! Since I'm a guy, and therefore do not carry handbags - I'm making this a collection of my things, as well as my wife, and our unborn daughter Kyra (who already has a collection started).

Family Collection:

Mon Monogram Pegase 65 Monogram Canvas (M23295)
Mon Monogram Keepall 55 Monogram Canvas (M41424)
Mon Monogram Passport Cover Monogram Canvas (M60181)
Mon Monogram Neverfull PM Monogram Canvas (M40155)
King-Size Toiletry Bag Monogram Canvas (M47528)
Wilshire PM Monogram Canvas (M45643)
Luggage Tag
Sarah Wallet Monogram Canvas (M61734)
Figheri GM Damier Azur (N41175)
Insolite Wallet Damier Azur (N63115)
New Denim Bandeau Navy (M72558)
Damier Azur Stole Azur (M72578)
Monogram Ikat Shawl Blue (M72859)
Zippy Coin Purse Black Epi Leather (M6015N)
Papillon Monogram Vernis Dots Infinity Red (M91425)
Damier Azur Astropill (M65989)

Mon Monogram Pegase 65 Monogram Canvas (M23295)
Mon Monogram Keepall 55 Monogram Canvas (M41424)
Mon Monogram Passport Cover Monogram Canvas (M60181)
Mon Monogram Small Ring Agenda Cover Monogram Canvas (R20005)
2012 Small Agenda Refill with Address Book - Day (R04202)
Golden Agenda Ballpoint Pen (N75003)
King-Size Toiletry Bag Monogram Canvas (M47528)
Multiple Wallet Monogram Canvas (M60895)
Damier Azur Astropill (M65989)
Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks (English Version) (R07147)
Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury (English Version) (R07305)

Mon Monogram Pegase 65 Monogram Canvas (M23295)
Mon Monogram Keepall 55 Monogram Canvas (M41424)
Mon Monogram Passport Cover Monogram Canvas (M60181)
King-Size Toiletry Bag Monogram Canvas (M47528)

Current Orders:
Christmas Chest Monogram Canvas
Bocce Ball Set Monogram Canvas
Jewelry Trunk Monogram Canvas (M48125)
Beauty Case Monogram Canvas (M21828)
Shoe Case Monogram Canvas (M21626)
Trunk with Three Removable Trays Monogram Canvas (M13010)
Chess Set Damier Canvas (N48104)
Backgammon Set Damier Canvas (N48107)
Monogram Idylle Ring in White, Yellow, and Pink Gold with Diamonds (Q9F15A)
love your collection!!! it must have been a fortune!!! your steamer trunk with three removable trays... im dead literally.... i think im in bag heaven.... also congrats of Kyra and i bet she is going to be a little LV addict too!!!

I will be waiting diligently for the pictures to arrive... take your time!
Jul 25, 2012, 8:53am   #125
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Originally Posted by SarahNicole1984
Ah, OP, no rush for pictures at all :). You just bought a house, you're obviously very busy probably in the middle of moving, getting ready to welcome a new baby into the world (congrats!) and working. DEFINITELY edit the pic of your house receipt, though, just blur out the address and you should be okay... Too many sick people in the world to have your addy posted publicly, especially with a new baby OTW.

Anyway, subbing for pics so I can drool when OP finds the time for it :)
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