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First off, I am excited to have found The Purse Forum. I have learned so much, and found so much to admire simply from browsing the endless threads.
Now, I would like some advice that I have not found from browsing.

I want to get a second Longchamp bag, and I simply cannot decide which one!! I already have the Large Le Pliage in Bilberry, and I
love it!! It fits so much stuff!! I can pack my laptop (a 15") a few notebooks, makeup bag, pouch with other random stuff, and still have room to spare!!

I am hoping for advice from those who have other Le Plieage and/or Plaentes. I cant decide between the Le Pliage small or medium (both with long handles) or the Planetes small. I am thinking I would like one for more day-to-day use. Like I said, I love my Large Le Pliage, but its just a little too big for general use.

The sizes of the Le Pliage seem to be a little hard to discern as well. I know I want a long handle, to fit over my shoulder, but cant seem to find a general guide to the measurements of those that have long handles. Can anyone help with this?

As a side note, has anyone ever seen the Planetes in a purple color? I would absolutely love that!

Any advice would be sooooo appreciated!! Thanks!!
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The Longchamp website has had accurate measurement schematic of the pliage. I assume it is still there. Click on the bag you are interested and it is or should be in lower left. Is there a small bag with long handles?
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