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What Little L.A.M.B. is this? A Mini-Reveal!

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Oct 15, 2011, 10:36pm   #16
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Originally Posted by Shoebaglady
Those are great! Nice find!

Originally Posted by knasarae
Nice find, it's a beauty!
Thanks Shoebaglady & Knas! I appreciate your compliments!

Originally Posted by shibby_baby215
Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I have been on here! I have been trying to be good and not buy!! I sold a lot of my collection to pay some bills off....

I had to come by and see this beauty, Cheryl. It is AMAZING!!! I still have my little key pouch...I miss the little accessories of the original collections!

Hi Stacey!! I miss ya doll! Hope you are doing well. Congrats on resisting temptation and paying off some bills. It must feel really good. Thanks for visiting us for a bit. Don't be such a stranger!
Oct 24, 2011, 11:27pm   #17
shoe and bag addict
Hi Cheryl!! I've missed you too! I'm doing well, I suppose, lol...since I can't spend any money! lol So far I managed to pay 2 things off, and it felt really good, but bills just keep piling up...so I am still trying to resist... I will try not to be a stranger! Are you on f/b?
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