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Nov 20, 2011, 1:02pm   #16
fetished scientist
Originally Posted by soramillay
I'm a new L.A.M.B fan and I really appreciate the designs of the bags from the beginning till now. To me it's natural that the appeal of a brand can diminish over time. It relies on gathering new fans.

The main problem to me seems to be that the brand is affected by the economy. New fans like me and probably many others, no matter how much we like certain bags, can't afford to buy them at full price, so I'm waiting for them to go on online clearance.

The second problem is that quality seems to be an issue with L.A.M.B bags as I've read about throughout this forum and elsewhere, and this problem seems to be getting worse. I definitely don't want to buy a poorly made bag over cheaper and better made options.

Lastly, I wonder if the loss of loyalty also has something to do with the wildly varying designs that have come out of the line and the loss of a unifying staple like the Mandie bag, the iconic stripe and even now the B&W lining (which I so dug). Cheaper brands like Fossil have nicer linings.

Personally I think they need to assess their direction, and strike a balance with retaining some "old-school luxe" while still putting out crazy new stuff, staying away from "ho-hum in the middle" which will surely kill the brand.
I'm a new lamb fan too... I prefer the black and white lining but I like the black for the nylon bags which I opt for wet weather days anyways bc those days get messy and dirtier than dry days.

I can't believe the unlined stitching in the Rasta series. Charging upwards of $500 for PVC and the stitching does t align at the seams? Needless to say I'm glad I'm buying second hand...

I like the new monochrome styles bc they let my louder outfits have simpler compliment options.

Otherwise her crazier bags let me stick to my monochrome black outfits lol.

The green African argyle turned me off a lot ... Otherwise I love the weirdness of her bags.justifies wearing black tee, black pants/ jeans - a staple for school days for me. And no one knows what brand it is... Love that the most.
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