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Yohoo, Kooba Jillian owners.....

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Mar 30, 2007, 7:13pm   #1
ladysalesrep195's Avatar
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I am considering one last Kooba purchase before their Fall intros and I believe it may be a Jillian in Black.

If you own one, please give me the skinny on this bag, good and bad.

Thanks, I appreciate your comments.
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Mar 30, 2007, 7:21pm   #2
JudieH's Avatar
Hi there- I recently purchased this bag and have only used it once. So take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Pros- I love the look. It's hot and sexy but not over the top. Fits well on my shoulders but not sure if that will be the case with a winter jacket. Not too heavy.

Cons- does not have a zippered top. It fits close under my arm so I don't think anyone can reach in and grab anything but still. It's also one of my smaller bags.

Now I'm considering buying a Black Balenciaga bag so I'm not 100% sure I am going to keep this one..... It is a hot bag though.
Mar 30, 2007, 8:08pm   #3
Lexie2000's Avatar
I love it love it love it. It's such a cool bag. Bold with the studs. Kinda bikerchick -ish. I've always gotten alot of looks when I use it. It's a medium sized bag. Can't fit books and bottles but good for all the essentials.
I say go for it. The bag is getting harder to find and will soon become one of those elusive older Koobas.

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Mar 30, 2007, 8:26pm   #4
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Thanks girls, it really does help to think through a purchase. I have made too many mistakes and jumped into a buy then not liked the bag afterward.

I now plan to take my time. *s
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