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Mod ~ please make this a sticky!!!

This is what we do:
  1. We look at the styles on the Ignes web site under "handbags" and may also chat with Ignacio (one of Ignes two co-owners) by clicking on the Chat icon if he is available.
  2. We look at the various threads within our sub-forum ~ to see bags, color combos, leathers, suede linings, modeling pics, etc.
  3. We view leathers here:
  4. We view lining options here:
  5. We chat with each other about what we want in our own bags to bounce ideas off each other
  6. Once we get a good idea of what we want to do, we contact Ignacio by email and tell him what we're thinking of ordering.
  7. We make sure to inform him that we are tPF members (including screen name) and request our 1st-Time Buyer Incentive for tPF members.
  8. We work directly with Ignacio to design/customize our bag.
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More please!
Modifications available as of October 2008:

- Adding zipper (for the Ormala and Sofia range): $40
- Changing strap length: (for any bag with a strap): $25
- Adding detachable strap: $35
- Swapping to rolled handles (for the Sofia line): $30
- Cecilia (chain) handles added to any bag: $50
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More please!
The new Ignes Elite section of their website allows you to personalize your selections online rather than having to correspond with Ignacio via email:

Additonal leathers and linings may be available, so email if you have something in mind that you do not see on the Elite options.
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More please!
According to Ignacio, customer inquiries should now be directed to his sister/co-founder Maria at They are reorganizing a bit internally, so that he has more time for overseeing production, visiting tanneries, etc. and going forward Maria will be the main person in charge of customer e-mails. Just FYI!