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Originally Posted by rainrowan
When I first get it in the mail, I always wash my hands before taking the bag out of the box. The first thing I do is probably look for any damages and if it's brand new, I sniff the leather and hug it a little :)

If it's new-to-me, pre-owned, I am really crazy, I just whip out my leather kit right away and start cleaning and conditioning that very minute. Can't help it. at all.

I will put all my stuff in the new bag the same day.
The bag is kept at the foot of my bed on a dustcover but away from my dh's feet!

With my then new LV Speedy, I used a loose handkerchief around the handles to avoid sweating hands (from all the anxiety of carrying new LV of course)

I will go, "whaaaa-arghh!!!" if any one in my household tries to move my bag without permission. Will also go on tPF and check out everyone's post, who has the same bag to see how they baby their bag :)
This is awesome.. I love the part u keep it away from "dh's feet" .. I literally laughed out loud... I'll confess I sniff the leather too n give it a lil hug... Lol...
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Originally Posted by DawnLuvsLouie

That's great to hear.. Especially If i'm reading ur name correct and u are from NYC like me there is so much happening and dirtiness everywhere so I hate to put an expensive bag down and I wouldn't ... Can I ask what a baggu is? I may have to get one Carrying garbage bags in my bag looks weird.. Lol...
Lol our city is filthy... A baggu is what a lot of people use to do their grocery shopping, instead of using plastic bags. They are pretty neat and you can find them in Williamsburg brooklyn. I have one for food shopping and one for my handbags. They might be better than garbage bags lol
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personally my bags don't get babied that much. sure, I have taken up shelve space in the home office for switch and go ease. as far as the weather is concerned I don't worry about it. I live in Seattle and it does rain though not as much or as heavy as rumors have you believe. in fact we have fantastic summers (July-October). living in the 'burbs I'm mostly going to and from the car. if the bag gets,wet I just dry it off. I buy bags to use them. thanks for listening.
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I wouldn't say I baby my new bags but none of my bags, whether brand new or not, will ever touch the floor! No way! I keep a purse hook in my wallet and if it doesn't work on that particular table, then the purse stays on my lap or gets its own seat.

Unless its a work or travel bag- then I don't really care bc they are meant to get beat up.
Aug 11, 2012, 12:10pm   #35's Avatar
i always get pics of them and keep them somewhere safe in my closet where no other clothes even touches them
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just cruising
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