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Never owned a Goyard before, but just purchased a St. Louis GM in black with tan trim. (It was Sabina's recent reveal -- she decided she preferred the PM size.) I've wanted this bag for two years! But, I've never carried a large open tote before and I really love coordinating things like bag-wallet-cosmetic case. I can't afford a Goyard wallet to match right now. Do you ladies (and men?) just toss in various pieces from other lines? Do you try to coordinate colors? Hardware? Styles? I know the bag has that attached "wallet" but that would barely hold what I carry in my regular wallet. Maybe we need a What's In Your St. Louis? thread!
Also, how do you carry such an open bag without having your stuff fall out or be susceptible to others with ill motives and sticky fingers? I really want to carry this when I travel with my DH this summer to Germany & Hungary, but I don't want to get pickpocketed.
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Hi there! I have a huge LV accessories pouch that I used and place at the back portion (when carry) of my St. Louis, so it couldn't be easily grabbed and my wallet, cellphones and other important stuff on front.

My mom have this purse organizer that has lots of pockets on it, especially made for St. Louis, Neverfull and the like.
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