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Originally Posted by wordbox
Absolutely. I was very young at the time and don't have any recollection of it, but my mom has no reason to lie to me about it.
Did you know the guy? Was there some back story? Was she being stalked?

Did the police get him?
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Kiss Me Deadly
Originally Posted by rendodan110
years ago I heard a knock at about 3am answered the door and there was this man standing in the shadows next to my porch my DH asked him what he wanted, he said he needed to use the phone because his car broke down, we told him no and told him use the phone at the hospital down the street. 2 days later we saw that this man was arrested for sexual assault and attempted murder 1 block from our house.

omfg!!! thank god youre ok!!
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so in love!
Originally Posted by purly
Did you know the guy? Was there some back story? Was she being stalked?

Did the police get him?
I'm pretty sure the police got the guy. I'd have to ask my mom the other questions, though, as I'm not sure. This happened at least 20 years ago. The next time I talk to her, I'll ask her more about it!
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Originally Posted by katrines
I have a really creepy story. Last summer, right after I graduated from college, I took a teaching job (just for a few weeks) in my college town. I subletted a basement room from a girl who lived in a house with a bunch of guys. I had a separate entrance and luckily, the little bedroom door locked. But, the guys who lived in the actual house could come down to my area if they wanted to (there was no barrier), but they never did. They seemed like totally nice guys, even though I only bumped into one of them once when he was doing his laundry.

However, I was constantly scared because during the time I was living there, there was a rapist on the loose -- he had broken into an apartment and beaten/raped a girl who lived a few blocks away from me. Because of that, I refused to leave my little basement room past dark and always kept the door locked to my bedroom (even during the afternoons!).

One night, I kid you not, I woke up to someone JIGGLING MY BEDROOM DOOR HANDLE. I almost passed out, and curled up in a ball in the corner with my cell phone at the ready in case I had to call someone for help (I didn't want to make any noise). Eventually, the jiggling went away.

Now, I'm not sure if it was the rapist or just my imagination (I actually KNOW it wasn't my imagination!), but when the rapist was caught, the news stories I read said that he had never forced his way into a building to attack someone, he used to just try door handles until he found an unlocked one! Also -- he ended up living TWO DOORS AWAY FROM ME!

I found all of that out a few months after I had moved away for good, when he was caught, and I got chills all up and down my spine. Terrifying!
Originally Posted by rendodan110
years ago I heard a knock at about 3am answered the door and there was this man standing in the shadows next to my porch my DH asked him what he wanted, he said he needed to use the phone because his car broke down, we told him no and told him use the phone at the hospital down the street. 2 days later we saw that this man was arrested for sexual assault and attempted murder 1 block from our house.
These are both very scary! Good things you gals are smart! Thank goodness you're ok.
Jun 6, 2008, 11:59am   #65
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Originally Posted by coach4me
two scary stories:

1. I was about 20 or so and had just moved into my own apartment- ground floor- by myself. Prior to that I had room mates.
I had just gotten home from work at about 3 AM (I worked at a bar) and was getting into bed. It was a cool night so I opened the windows. A few minutes after I had gotten into bed and turned out the lights I heard someone say "You sure are a beautiful f&&k" right ourside my bedroom window. I freaked out and immediatly called the cops, who came right way.. they searched and did not find him but told me that there was a peeper in the nieghborghood who had been doing this for years.
This is freaking scary. I would have cursed him the hell out.


I have a couple "windows" stories. One when I was young but I'll relay from my parents' POV cuz I just witnessed it, the other is my parents' story before they had kids.

We used to live in an old style apartment, and our place was on the 3rd floor and had a wraparound balcony. One night my dad was hanging out laundry. He noticed a leg dangling down and ran over to grab it, thinking it was a burglar. There was a muffled scream and sobbing. The person struggled to get away and my dad wouldn't let go and kept pulling. It turns out it was a girl maybe 16-18 y/o living upstairs, her uncle raped her and locked her in the bedroom, and her only chance of escaping was out the window. My parents took her in, called the police, and the uncle was arrested.

OMG. This is heartbreaking. I hope who ever she is, is in a better place now.

The story before my parents had kids, they lived on the 9th floor with a window next to the bed. My mom woke to noises just on the other side of the curtain and the window was open cuz they had no a/c. She freaked and woke my dad. They didn't live in the best part of town, and there was definitely scraping sounds and a big moving shadow through the curtain, so my dad figured the best chance was to not wait for the intruder. He punched through the curtain, and the next thing they heard was a loud "MEOOOWWWWWW" which fell down into the distant. They looked for the cat but couldn't find it.

LOL. That is too funny. Hope that cat was ok, even though I hate cats.

Originally Posted by Pinkdancer
What a couple of creeps!

I have a couple of stories, none of which happened to me, but I'll share anyway.

Scary story: A female friend of my boyfriend lived in a townhouse in decent part of town. She worked as a nurse, so she would get home at odd hours of the night. On this particular weekend both her roommate and the guys next door in the adjacent townhome were out of town, so it was just her. She got in late that night and came through the garage, per usual, but as the garage door was closing a guy in a hood/mask slipped under the door as it was closing and followed her into the house. She sensed something weird as she got into the actual house (no longer in the garage) and turned around to see this masked person reach out and try to grab her. She put up her arms and somehow blocked him from getting a hold of her--quick reflexes and a VERY smart move on her behalf. I forget if she kicked him or what, but she bought herself enough time to run out the back door and down the street. HE CHASED HER AS SHE RAN! That's what I find the most disturbing about the whole thing. She ended up making it to a neighbor's house and when they looked out afterward, he was gone. Later, when the police showed up, they told her that the fact that she initially blocked him saved her life. They said he probably wasn't expecting it. Also, they thought that it was likely that he'd been planning the attack for awhile and had been watching her (the fact that she was all alone, the male neighbors were gone, getting home late from work, etc). And the fact that he chased her meant that it wasn't just some random attack...this crazy guy was after her. They never found him and she moved home to live with her parents in another state after the incident. I would have, too.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, this happened in a fairly safe and decent-sized college town in Nebraska. I'm not about to get paranoid or anything, but it just proves that you're not really safe anywhere.
This is really, REALLY scary. Thank god, she saved her own life. I hope they caught him eventually.
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Well I have a story.

When I was back in elementary school, like 6th grade, I was home with my mom, gma, and a friend. It was late one night, really windy too. We heard something around the back, and found the trashcan on our back porch. We were like, ok, the wind IS blowing really hard, but how did it make it over the fence of through the gate? But whatever,we dimissed it.

A few minutes later we heard someone JIGGLING the door handle. Me and my friend grab the biggest golf clubs, and my mom and gma grab the biggest kitchen knives they could find. We're yelling to whoever it is, "Go away, we have knives", etc etc. The cops come and they say "You all need to put the weapons away" My mom says, "Not until you search around, AFTER you search THEN we will put them away." He searched around and said he didn't see anyone. Everything was fine after then, but whoever thought they were getting into my house had another thing coming. lol.
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Originally Posted by rendodan110
years ago I heard a knock at about 3am answered the door and there was this man standing in the shadows next to my porch my DH asked him what he wanted, he said he needed to use the phone because his car broke down, we told him no and told him use the phone at the hospital down the street. 2 days later we saw that this man was arrested for sexual assault and attempted murder 1 block from our house.

It's because of stuff like this that I DO NOT answer the door if I don't know the person.

I even tell my DH not to answer the door because if you don't know them, they are either trying to sell us something or could be up to no good.

I get so mad when he doesn't listen and opens it anyway!!

I'm going to have to tell him about this thread and about this post above!!
Jun 6, 2008, 12:56pm   #68
when we were first married and renting apartments my DH did the same thing! i finally told him that i had heard from a policeman once that if you open your front door to someone you may as well invite them into your living room then! he finally got the idea. even now i don't answer the door if i don't know them or am not expecting anyone...
Jun 6, 2008, 5:25pm   #69
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Originally Posted by cfred
I read a few posts last night and of course, woke up in the middle of the night because I thought someone had knocked on the door!!
After tiptoeing around my apartment for a minute I heard the sound again-- just the refrigerator...I was so scared though. I am a dork.
Oh Freddie!!
Jun 6, 2008, 11:53pm   #70
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OMG yall......ever since i saw that commercial i cant sleep for days....heck reading this thread will keep me freaked....

Here are my stories:

1. Before I joined the AF I lived on my own when i was 21. I used to go clubbing all the time and meet guys. Well i had met this one guy and his friend. I dont ever remember them coming to my apt...but a few weeks later i was asleep and heard banging on my i go to check, thankfully i had the chain lock on. It was the friend and he tried to force his way in. I was able to slam his foot and shut the door.

2. ***this didnt happen to me, but about an EX friend***
So also around the time I lived on my own I worked at this pager company in SD. There was a bunch of us that hung out and partied together. There was one guy we kinda hung with the most. He used to have huge parties at his house. Well after a while i quit and got another job for a couple months and pretty much segregated myself from all of those people. Finally i went back to work there as a supervisor of another section....i realized a bunch of folks quit while i was gone. So one night on shift i ask one of the other sups what happened to my guy friend......He gives me this FREAKY look. I am like ok wtf?? He goes "you dont know??", I go no otherwise i wouldnt be asking...He goes Rob is in jail for rape"....Apparently every morning (when I worked there and after) really early he would go to the ritzy area north of SD and peep into womens houses and then break in and force them to do oral sex on him, then rape them"....He got put away for a long time.
So that night i went home and told my mom and we looked it up on the net(back in 96) and found the articles....
What freaks me out the worst is that there were many times he and i were alone at MY apartment hanging out.
Jun 7, 2008, 12:44am   #71
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Yeah so i can not sleep.......but i just thought of two more things to tell ya....

1. When i first joined the AF i got preg and lived in base housing (of all places) mom came to stay and help with my son. then in july my bro, his wife and baby came to stay and get their own place. Well in early Aug my mom flew to see my dad in Vegas. I worked swings at the time (3pm to 11pm), so in the am i would go downtown to the gym and do aerobics, they had a daycare there. So as i am coming home one day at 11 am mind you my street is a U shape. I lived in the bottom part, middle of the street. So i was coming around the road to my house and i see a white hatchback with its back/trunk up in my driveway.....i do not know anyone with that car. So i parked on the street and start walking up, as i do this black guy starts rush walking out of my house to his car....i am like who the hell are you what are you doing???? but he mumbled something and left. It happened soo fast that i didnt get a license plate. so i get my son and go into the house, my brother and sis in law are sleeping in my moms room asleep. I ask my bro who that guy was and he didnt know. So i just blow it off and start doing my thing and getting ready. At the time I was really good friends with one of my head supervisors, Sgt Hunter. I tell her about the little incident. She is freaking out, saying i need to call the base cops and do a report. I decide to wait till i head to work later on. That eve i went and filed a report and forgot about it.
The next morning, two people are knocking at my door from OSI(military's version of the FBI) to ask about the incident. I tell them what happened and they have me drive around with them to look for that car. We see it, but not the driver. AFter this a few weeks go by, around early Sept I get a call to come to the cop shop to do a line up and identify the guy. Then i think i am done......So by Nov my mom gets a house down in town, between town and base is a good 10 miles, long stretch of hwy, dark no lights. By Nov I am on mids working 11pm to 7 am. So i would hang out with my mom, son and bro and sis and niece till about 9 then go home and get ready for work. One night i am driving to base at 10pm and all of a sudden a white car drives next to me, i am in the far right lane, the driver is yelling at me acting crazy and following me to base. I really wasnt paying attention to the car itself till i get near base where theres light....when i do really look i realize its THE SAME GUY and CAR! All i could think of was get my *** on base, get ready for work and get to cop shop. So like a dummy i go home, but the guy doesnt follow me. Then i go to the cops and file another report. ..............A few days later i was talking to my sis in law and she said she saw someone in that car driving down our street all the time, esp at night shining his lights in my house. But she didnt think anything of it.
RESULT: Come to find out, the guy that broke into my house had been breaking into dorm rms and housing for months taking thousands of dollars worth of stuff. Even assaulting a female, but she fought back. So went to Court martial (military trial), I had to testify against him. That was farking scary as crap....seeing him stare at me freaked me out
Anyway, he ended up convicted and sent to Ft Leavenworth for like 6 yrs.

Then like 3 years later I get a freaking LETTER from him in the mail......stating he was sorry. blah blah blah....

Let me tell you, as soon as I caught him walking out of my house, i slept with a huge knife under my pillow. I was ready to use that sucker too. I would not hurt anyone, but if you try to hurt me or my family i swear i will gut you and kill you.
Jun 7, 2008, 12:59am   #72
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Ok so the other thing i remembered, didnt happen to me just something in my neighborhood i now live in.

A couple years ago when my DH was deployed i read that a woman had killed her DH by stabbing him. I read that he was in the AF too from my base. That he was an abuser and she fought back......

So about 5 months later my DH and i are talking about getting a house closer to base. First house i find is perfect for us, rent, space, beautiful house. So we sign the lease and move in in Dec 06. Right after i find out i am preggo, then put on half days. So i would come home at noon and eat, lay in bed and relax (had a rough pregnancy physically, my body went bananas). The whole time i noticed no one lived next door to us, the house was empty. Being in a military town my DH and i figured the owners were deployed. i would see people work on the yard once a month but thats it. Then a realtor put up a sign to sell a few times but no one moved in. The whole while i am home I get a weird "feeling" about that home. I kept wanting to go look in the window but some strange force would not let me. But I would be drawn to that house and stare at it....
So fast forward to this past Feb08, a lady and her daughter move in. She is in the army. My DH is always outside working on the yard so she comes over and introduces herself. My DH tells her it had been empty for whole time we been here. So thats that. Then in early March at like 3 am there are wires hanging outside the house, for some reason they catch on fire. The new owner calls the fire dept and when they come out, they say "OH we know this house....."...the owner is like what happened??? They go a man was stabbed to death by his wife in this house in 06. She freaked, the realtor never told her that. Then in April she went up into the attic and found a bunch of their i.d.'s of the man and his family. It's crazy.....
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I always have weird creepy men ringing my door bell at 3 am, I have to hide in the bathroom and climb out the window, go upstares to my neighboors window and crawl in bed with him , thats after they slipped me a 50 for using the powder room.
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The police have knocked on my door twice. Both times were at night.

Once was two days after I had moved in. My neighbor's boyfriend was wanted for assaulting someone and they wanted to know if I could hear anything from her apartment.

The second time was a couple of months ago. A woman jumped from a balcony in our building and the police were going door to door asking us if we knew her.
Jun 7, 2008, 4:03am   #75
We have just had police around... my boyfriend was just home from night shift, and was having a nap on the sofa. The dog started barking and he woke up and went into the kitchen and found some old guy trying to break in!!! He hasn't been caught (yet- boyfriend thought the guy might have been part of an ambush so he didn't pursue him as there is a security alert on at the moment for some occupations- and his job is one of them) but the police know who he is... scary thing is, I was having a nap the other day, and when I woke up and came down stairs, the back door was open, even though I had made sure that it was locked before I went to bed (we live in the student area so there are always lots of break ins- so I am obsessed with securing locks etc.) but nothing was taken. To top it all off, the old guy is a registered sex offender. I think we might have to move soon!!
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