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Sep 22, 2011, 8:43am   #61
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Originally Posted by alessandria
Hi ladies,
Sorry for going awol for awhile there - my mom needed emergency surgery so I had to fly to Vancouver, and CLs weren't on my mind for awhile. She is doing well now though, and I'm back in Toronto - and I even broke out the nude VPs for a business meeting yesterday - even though I wore flats and only changed just before walking into the meeting :) Hopefully within a month I can be back to my heels! I'll be on the road for work all November, and would hate to be in meetings each day without my CLs - it just doesn't feel like I'm really dressed...

hazeltt (fellow Torontonian!), LizzylovesCL, rdgldy, hunniesochic, lizziecat (love your kitty!), llgin, kathywko, cts900, jancedtif, Dessye, Crispedrosa, Paper Koi, dbeth, ChrisyAM15, bjorn, GlammaGurl, 9distelle, rock_girl, BoriquaNina (love your kitty too!), Nolia - thank you so much for your kind comments!

phiphi - my shoe twin! it's been a long time, hope you're doing well! :) Thanks for the well wishes with my new company - we now have 7 consultants and an office manager, and our first contracts in place, so fingers crossed this will pay for my expensive tastes - next step - developing a bag obsession to go with my CL shoe obsession!

poppyseed - thanks for the sizing advice! I still hope a bigger pair of Moulage booties will be in my future :)

Emma4790, the Vicky booties are pretty comfy, but make sure you get a pair big enough to wear socks in over the winter - I tried mine on again and they will be fine with nylons, but not warm winter socks, so go a half size up if you really want them to be everyday winter shoes. I tried them on and then tried my Biancas and my Un Plumes, and sure enough, you're right, the Un Plumes aren't as comfy as I remembered. For sure you'll be able to wear the Vicky booties for longer, since they have the platform and not so severe of an arch, and also hug the whole foot so you are better supported. Enjoy!

Toronto ladies, David's is getting in the Vicky booties in black suede - the last of the fall-winter CLs they are expecting this year. And David's still has the Kawai flats too (my love affair with them won't die - I will be the unofficial ambassador for this shoe!) :)

Thanks so much for the advice Alessandria! I'm definately gonna go to the store and investigate the booties more now! Sorry to hear about your mum. I hope she gets well soon! :)
Oct 10, 2011, 4:33am   #62
wooow love the star prive and the bridgets
Oct 10, 2011, 10:28am   #63
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You have such a great collection!
Oct 10, 2011, 4:44pm   #64
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Love your collection, hopefully you get to wear your shoes more soon, especially those bridgets....if you ever part ways with those i will drive from windsor to pick them up

Originally Posted by alessandria
And on to Group 2: Boots and Booties!

The first ones I got were my Bridget patent and black leopard lace booties (size 38.5) - these were also the first pair I bought at Holt Renfrew in Toronto. These are my boyfriend's favorite pair, but I have only worn them a handful of times - less than once a year. I just find I reach for heels and not booties when given the choice - but they are definitely easy to walk in since your whole foot is hugged by the boot.

Next came my Cramberry Moulage booties (size 38.5). I saw a picture of Katherine Heigl wearing these with a black outfit and they looked so stunning I knew I HAD to have them, but I had no idea what the colour was named and couldn't find them anywhere - eventually I finally found them, but when they arrived, they were too small! Even a 38.5...sigh...this is why Toronto (or just anywhere in Canada! needs a CL boutique...buying from shopsavannah, netaporter, bluefly, luisaviaroma etc gives us the selection we don't have, but it is SO much easier when you can try them on before buying!)

Next up this winter was my Miss Tack Botta knee-high boots (size 38), which I intended to make into my main winter boots, since they have such a reasonable chunky heel. They are made for taller ladies than me (I am 5'3"), so they came up too high on my knee, and I had to get Kaner's to shorten and tighten them for me so that they would end an inch or two below my knee, and hug the top of my calf (rather than gaping open like cowboy boots). They definitely need to be worn with tights though - the leather sticks to your bare legs and really creases the boots otherwise (as you can see in the picture), so they don't stay nice and slim around your ankles and lower calves. Be warned! :)

And finally, my most recent bootie purchase, last week at London's Motcomb boutique - my black suede Vicky booties with a hidden platform (size 38), from the Victoria Beckham fashion show. I'm so scared of suede (there's a reason I buy only patent leather!), but the shape and comfort were so fabulous I had to get them, and I pray I don't destroy them!
Jul 24, 2012, 3:53pm   #65
Nice collection!! I too am in Toronto. I don't have nearly as many CL's as you do, but I have only heard great things about Kaner's. Just wondering how the sole looks once they are on. Do you have a pic you would be willing to share? I just bought a pair of Nude Filo's from David's and opted out of the vibram soles. If you could share i would be forever grateful!! thanks
Jul 24, 2012, 4:59pm   #66
Great collection! Congratulations!!
Jul 24, 2012, 5:34pm   #67
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Originally Posted by alessandria
Group 4: And now for some sparkle!

Not so much sparkly, but more because I forgot about them and didn't put them in the last group - my burgundy glittart patent Numero Prives (size 39). These are a real oldie, and I found them on ebay. They were the second pair of CLs I ever bought, but I think I've only ever worn them once.

Next up were my black patent/silver rounded stud Star Prive peeptoe slingbacks (size 38.5). I love these shoes so much I would marry them :) Another one of my most frequently worn pairs (well, except for this spring and summer...). One day I swear I will find these in nude as well!

Then came my first pair of opal strass Lady Claudes (size 38). Ahhhh...there's not many places you can wear such a fancy pair of shoes, but I still love these to pieces. Definitely my most expensive pair, but one of my favorites.

My only pair of flats, the Kawai kid leather with strass flats (size 38) joined my collection when I saw them at David's in Toronto this summer on a flat-buying spree (I'd finally given up on my ankle healing and getting into my heels any time soon). I think I laughed when I first saw them - they look like they have red toenails on the tips, but then I tried them on, and realized they are the most awesome looking and comfortable shoes. I have easily worn them more than all of my other CLs combined, and I've almost worn them out (I wanted to wear them right away and so I haven't even taken them to Kaner's to get vibramed since I didn't want to be without them for a week, and I'm paying for it now, since I've worn right through the sole at the back, and scuffed and torn the leather at the back a bit - but shoes are meant to be worn, so if I actually wear out a pair of CLs, I won't feel bad! After wearing them all across London last week, I've finally put them in a bag by the door to go in and get fixed up before I wear them anymore... I miss them already though!
amazing collection particularly love the metallic red Bianca's - beautiful colour

so what's next on the list - bet you had fun in the London Boutique
Jul 27, 2012, 9:25am   #68
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You have such a wonderful collection! And i absolutely love how you have a story to go with every shoe, that sure makes every pair so much more special! I am also in Toronto and it sure is a struggle to find great variety here, i think it is slowly getting better as buyers from Holts and Davids are starting to get more brave and dont stick only with classics! Looking forward to your new reveals!!!
Jul 27, 2012, 11:48am   #69
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Over the Rainbow
what a stunning collection! thank you for sharing
Jul 27, 2012, 1:09pm   #70
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3Kouture Bears......
Absolutely Devine!!!
Jul 29, 2012, 4:23pm   #71
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May 17, 2013, 3:28pm   #72
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Originally Posted by alessandria

And also from London last week:
Sweet Charity Optic studded beige leather Messenger. I really wanted the black Sweet Charity Optic studded clutch, but my practical and rational side got the better of me and I realized I would use this more. I would have loved to get either the black or purple version, but they weren't available at the London boutiques, and I had no internet access inside the store, so I couldn't check to see if any were available elsewhere (and I wasn't going to get a chance to come back), so I made a decision and bought it since it was the last one in stock. I do love that it has a clutch handle and a shoulder strap. However, I discovered today, on my second or third day of using it, that the stud that holds the shoulder strap together is a bit too small for the hole it fits in (or vice versa), and the snap unceremoniously snapped in two at least 5 times over the course of the day, sending the bag plummeting to the ground. Not impressive - I'm going to take it to Kaner's and see if he can stitch the hole closed - the strap won't be adjustable, but at least it won't randomly snap and fall when I am out walking - beware if you're thinking of buying this bag - either use it decoratively and don't put anything in it, or get a trusted cobbler to close the hole.

And that's it! More to come in the future, as well as many to say goodbye to. But the ever-evolving collection is half the fun!

May I ask how much the sweet charity messenger was? love your collection too!
May 19, 2013, 9:12pm   #73
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Gorgeous collection
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