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Sep 26, 2011, 9:04am   #31
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Originally Posted by lovemonty
Hello everyone,

I sent my medium Paraty to NY - Chloé Customer Relations to get the side bar fixed. It only took less than 2 weeks and my bag is back, in a perfect condition!

I know a bag with such a price tag should not breakdown in the first place, but it happens. I only had to pay for the shipping fee, as Chloé Customer Relations says the bag is under warranty, thus the repair was free.

Also, I'm sure the bag was authentic (I bought it from HGBAGS)... Chloé Customer Relations never questioned it. I did attach the Chloe Carte D'Authenticite card along in case if they questioned my bag.

Despite the initial shock from , I'm a very happy Chloe bag owner again!

Thanks for the update! I am so happy that Chloe fixed the bag (& quickly too!) - even if you purchased it from somewhere else! That is amazing customer service! A lot of companies would not do that if you bought it elsewhere! I am so happy for you!
Sep 26, 2011, 9:09am   #32
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Let's Go Caps!
Love a great happy ending! Enjoy you paraty!
Sep 30, 2011, 2:02am   #33
Originally Posted by lovemonty

Thank you for all the moral support.

I spoke to Erica (HGbags), but she said to go to a Chloe Boutique. I know for fact that all HGbags are authentic, therefore not too worried about that part. When I tried calling the nearest Chloe boutique for me, which is in LA. For some reason, the phone number is no longer in service?!

8450 Melrose Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069-5308
(323) 602-0000

I also went to Chloe online and submitted my request on 9/19/2011. I received this email response in return, but have not heard anything back since...

Thank you for your interest in Chloé.

We well received your message on and we will be answering it as soon as we have the information.

Please use this reference if you need to contact us about your message: #ADVZ:69096-xxxx

Kind Regards,
Chloé Customer Information Service.
ps: this is an automated email. Please do not reply to it!

Will keep everyone updated if I hear anything...
I don't know why the L.A. number wasn't working. I just walked by the Chloe boutique, here in L.A., around 3-4 weeks ago and it was still there. I went by to look at bags, but had forgotten that they're closed on Sunday.

The handbags weren't in the window, but I figured that they might have removed them and locked them up until their regular business hours, as Melrose Place is a very secluded street. The sales people at that boutique have been great.
Jul 6, 2012, 3:23am   #34
Originally Posted by mercecathy
Hey girl! Help needed here!

I just got my Paraty from HGbags as well. It has a strong leather smell which makes me a little iffy about its authenticity. Is this the same case in your bag?
I've read a story of another member reira08 purchasing a potentially fake paraty from hgbags and it had a really strong leather smell. I would be curious if your bag was auth because I'm very interested in buying a paraty from E :)
Jul 6, 2012, 3:30am   #35
Originally Posted by lovemonty
Here are pictures of my broken paraty!!!
Could you please attach more pics of the paraty bought from hgbags? As mentioned above I'm very interested in buying a paraty from then so more input would be very helpful! (although I have no doubt about the authenticity :) )
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