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Originally Posted by Petrova
Can anyone id the yellow coat?? LOVE!!
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that jacket and the red lace top from a few pages back are both Zara.

The jacket is on sale btw.

edit: I'm not sure why my pics don't work..
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Originally Posted by christymarie340

Can anyone id the yellow coat?? LOVE!!
It's John Galliano
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Olivia Palermo does scallops & sheer at Intimissimi

Olivia Palermo is known (and loved) for her chic and supposedly effortless style, and here she is once again proving once again why we all let out a collective sigh every time she leaves the house.

The American model/actress took a trip over to the fair city of Verona, Italy to take her place on the front row at Intimissimi's Autumn/Winter 2013 catwalk show, and managed to look perfectly polished yet understated at the same time. Olivia worked two different looks, both suitably stylish, but built upon the same premise of scalloped shorts and sheer shirts. Hey, if it works, it works, right? The 26-year-old socialite has worn a number of loose fitted shorts recently and seems to have developed a soft spot for cute details like scalloped edges and intricate details.

I'm not sure which outfit Olivia wore first, so I'm going to start with my favourite look first. Although the colourway doesn't immediately scream summer, I can't help but fall in love with this outfit; Olivia looks smart and stylish in a navy sheer shirt by Intimissimi and black shorts combo, but makes it look youthful and fun thanks to the scalloped hem and embellished collar. She finished off the ensemble with white and tan woven heels, elegant gold jewellery, a large red Fendi '2Jours' bag (complete with initials) and a stunning pair oversized tortoise shell sunglasses. Beauty wise, Olivia focused on achieving flawless skin, adding a spark of colour with a red manicure and texture with her beautifully twisted hairstyle.
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Never seen these pics before from British Vogue...
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Simply gorgeous! Olivia looks so much better with a smile...
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^ LOVE those! Thanks for sharing!
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Originally Posted by Niblet
Is the bag YSL?
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just one more...
Originally Posted by Cari284

Is the bag YSL?
Fendi <3
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She looks so gorgeous in the magazine pics!
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can someone id her top with white skirt? and also the open shoulder red top? thanks