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Feb 29, 2012, 10:09am   #61
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Originally Posted by labelwhore04
That's the dumbest thing i've ever heard, this actually makes me angry. It's like you can't wear anything to an interview without being judged, now they're telling us to not wear our engagement ring? An engagement ring is a part of you, something you wear everyday and rarely take off. Are these so called "professionals" conducting these interviews so consumed with jealousy and judgement that they can't even look past something as personal and cherished as an engagement ring? I'm seriously sick of hearing about the super strict "rules" of what to wear to an interview. Why can't they judge you based on your qualifications and the way u conduct yourself in an interview instead of how big your ring is, like seriously? I don't want to be stripped of my entire personality when i go into an interview, obviously you shouldn't show up in 6 inch loubs and your belly hanging out but c'mon, this is just getting ridiculous. Am i the only one that's really bothered by this? I feel almost like it's borderline sexist, it's like saying "if your husband makes good money, why are u even bothering with a job? Shouldn't you be a housewife, staying home and taking care of the kids like a woman should?"

I agree. I mean shoot. So being marriage is count against you too? So they want to hire people with no life outside of this job.
Aug 6, 2012, 11:13am   #62
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Nancy in VA
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I think it is a good idea to keep the ring off if it is very big. Just for the interview. I know its not fair but you are judged constantly and not always for the right reasons on an interview. Its just the way it is.
Aug 6, 2012, 5:39pm   #63
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Im now in the position of having an actual engagement ring as well as ny right hand ring and my sentiments still stand. If i am looking for a new job before the wedding it stays on, if not i just add my wedding ring. As far as other jewellery goes i always keep it low key and professional like the rest of my outfit.

Obviously it will send out a message that you wont work 24/7 because you have a partner but the same can be said for single people with an active social life. Everybody needs a life away from work, not just those coupled up.
Aug 13, 2012, 12:51pm   #64
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Originally Posted by Kansashalo
This is no different than not wearing monogrammed handbags or leaving your CLs at home when you have an interview. You're there to get the job and in this economy, I'd play it conservatively.

It sucks but people make snap judgements all the time.
Originally Posted by apey_grapey
There are countless reasons people don't get a job and not all of them rational. So why give people any more reason not to hire you?

Yep. Is it fair? No... but necessary.
Aug 13, 2012, 4:39pm   #65
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What about plain wedding rings? Are they also frowned upon??!
Aug 13, 2012, 5:02pm   #66
Originally Posted by oggers86
What about plain wedding rings? Are they also frowned upon??!
I think a plain wedding band is fine, but I'd leave off the bling.
Aug 14, 2012, 9:25am   #67
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I only wore my wedding band when I was interviewing a couple of years ago. It is sad, but I have found that some people do judge women based on the size of their rings. I didn't want to give off the wrong impression, so I went without the engagement ring. After a few months on the job, I started wearing it again.
Aug 14, 2012, 12:56pm   #68
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Midge S
I meant to do that.
I guess this is true, but it saddens me. I've interviewed countless people and I think the only jewelery to ever register with me - beyond admiration, I love jewelery - is the dumb stuff. I mean, a big candy ring? Do you think you're coming to work in a rave?

In most cases your engagement ring in a reflection of who you are - classic and restrained, or shiny and sparkly - so if that ring is going to cost you a job you probably would not have been happy there anyway. (I know, easy to say when I have both a job and no engagement ring to worry about )
Aug 14, 2012, 2:13pm   #69
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A small tangeant but somewhat related... Did anyone see the segment the other night on 20/20 with the hr lady who spilled the beans about the hring process... Seems that one interviewer would put photos of kids on her desk facing the interviewee.. Not her kids.. The company did not want to hire mothers and of courses, cannot openly ask.. But if the interviewee said something like "how cute.. My kids are about the same age"... Then boom.. The interviewer knew the applicant has kids and would get crossed off the list.

The takeaway... Don't get over friendly with the interviewer and think you are "bonding".. Stick to discussing the job only
Aug 15, 2012, 3:33am   #70
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Thing is though...assuming they hired someone who they thought was single and then they werent they are going to wonder if they made the right decision and it may even reflect poorly on the employee for not being honest.

I prefer to put my cards on the table from the beginning. Since my ring isnt big enough to attract attention then its unlikely i wouldnt get hired for being too blingy. If they dont hire me for being in a comitted relationship then its their loss and not somewhere i would like to work.
Aug 15, 2012, 2:46pm   #71
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Potential Employers and passers by would "think" I have no kids. I keep my personal life AT HOME. I never discuss my kids at work, don't even have pics of them on my desk nor do I gawk and coo at babies when I see them. I believe in being professional. Managers really need to be careful how they judge.
Aug 22, 2012, 3:48pm   #72
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I think the people conducting an interview that deduct for large E ring should not be able to be interviewing. But that is the job market, petty stuff like this. Sad.
Aug 23, 2012, 7:53am   #73
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I went for dinner with a girlfriend last week and we ended up talking about this. Her name is legally hyphenated and she has changed that on her resume so that you can only see her maiden name... she also removes her rings for interviews. They're not big or flashy but she said she doesn't want people thinking that because she's young (27) and married that she won't put her job first.
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