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Not sure if this is the correct thing to talk about in this category but thought I would give it a try. Sorry if not!
I'm launching a pop-up vintage and designer clothes and accessories shop for 6 weeks whilst I am home from university.
I have already started a facebook page, twitter account etc. but it is proving hard to get a following.
I was wondering if anyone could give advice as to advertising?
I paid for an advert on facebook, plus I have been giving leaflets out. I am doing this by myself, and am working hard but would appreciate some advice from more experienced people!
Jul 13, 2012, 10:03pm   #2
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Only 6 weeks? It seems like by the time any advertising kicks in, you'd have to start closing up shop.

I ran an Ebay store for a store I worked at previously, and that brought in a ton of business for us. For vintage stuff, Etsy could be a good place for it as well. You could also see if there are any local craft/art fairs going on during the summer in your area where you can rent out a table....but again, 6 weeks doesn't give you much time to prepare for registration.

Depending on how much money/time you're willing to put into it, you could always look into renting one of those little cart-store things in the hallways of malls. It'd definitely help you get more exposure, but I have absolutely no idea how much the rent or how long the lease terms would be.
Jul 14, 2012, 3:33am   #3
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All Juiced Up <3
Generally, a "pop up" boutique needs an established internet presence before getting started and some sort of hype... The only successfuly (and I do mean successful) pop up boutique I know of that has stuck around is 6% DokiDoki, and they're a pretty niche alternative fashion boutique that travels internationally and only stays in one spot for a month or so. But they have a permanent website, frequently updated facebook and other networking sites, "iconic" sales girls and strong networking with scenes and events related to the styles they portray. And they have a very, very eye catching set up whenever their shop "pops up". You'd never guess the shop was a temporary addition, its always colorful, organized and eye-catching. Which is essential to drag in foot traffic, given the short time the store will be present.

So... Since you're wanting to sell vintage... Maybe establish an Etsy shop, fashion & Vintage blog and such to accompany your facebook & twitter. And then network through websites and forums related to Vintage collections & fashions to gather a following and start the boutique online before hosting and advertising your "pop ups" on your networking pages & mailing list.
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Wishing you the best of luck!

Also, many large cities (SF and LA for sure) have huge vintage and antique fairs once a month! Hundreds of booths and thousands of shoppers.

If your pop up booth is temporary...then seems you don't have much to lose. Again wishing you luck, I hope to do something similar where I live.
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