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Mar 20, 2007, 7:18am   #16
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Endless Summer
Originally Posted by blugenie
I recently received a Veneta hobo from Bluefly and all seemed perfect (condition, cards, mirror, dustbag), but just the other night I completely pulled the lining out only to find a little grunge way deep (looked like shadows originally) AND a small hole in the seam too!! I've got another one coming *hopefully* to compare conditions and decide if either bag is worth it. While I'm saving $500 off for a bag with a small hole, I'm still paying $1100 for a bag with a hole!
Update to my Bluefly issue - the second Veneta arrived and it's in perfect condition - all cards, dustbag, mirror intact - just like the first. The funny thing is I immediately pulled the lining inside-out and compared it to the first Veneta and you know what? I couldn't find the original hole in the seam!! What I DID find was a dark thread coming up through the seam - kind of rounded off - so I obviously need to get my eyes checked because I mistook the thread for a hole!! And the greying I saw - I think it's just texture in the suede. I should never inspect bags at 11pm!

So I'm back to being happy with my BV Bluefly purchase Although some bags obviously have issues like ami kio's, I've been fortunate. But I would never buy certain designers from BF - like Chloe or Balenciaga.
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Thanks for the update- so glad it turned out for the best. Enjoy your new BV!
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